Windows Release 2015.06.06.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- GAIT Creator Code Generator accepts a "starting frame" parameter. Help hover is also given to each option in GAIT creator

- new control: Talk servo which moves servos based on the text to speech (i.e. sayEZB, Say, SayEZBWait, SayWait) commands in ez-script. Found in Project -> Add Control -> Audio -> Talk Servo. More information:

- preferences option to ignore exit confirmation of ez-builder. Found in ARC preferences menu under Options -> Global Settings -> Preferences

- display speech recognition phrase popup wiht multiple columns
You are my hero.... Every one of these will be useful and solve issues I have experienced or tried to help others work around.

Yes indeed... that was a really great update.... Thanks man!
Very interested in seeing how the talk servo works. Hopefully it will eliminate the need for my audio servo control board I have installed in Alan. This will free up room in the very tight head.

I won't get to it til this evening. If anyone tries it out let me know.

@DJ great job. Always looking forward to these updates.
United Kingdom

These are fantastic additions to ARC. Thanks for the update, and your continuing hard work.:)


Thanks for the video demo. The Talk servo looks really good. I played back the video a few times watching the mouth movements to the speech, and although it was mentioned that you have some "dialling in" to do, it still looked great.
Thank you D.J. for the display speech recognition phrase popup with multiple columns.
I don't know another company that is so in tune and helpful to their customers!
All of your effort is evident, and appreciated.
Thank you EZ Robot.
Steve S;)
Yes, thanks DJ. I can remove some of the hairs and a controller board from the back of my inmoov. Very much appreciated.
The Talk servo Control is a great edition, but I am getting an error when I try to use it with my iOS mobile app. I can save it to the cloud, but when I go to download it to my smart phone, it gets to the end of downloading then it states there is an error in XML document System.InvalidOperationException: 'TalkServo' is not a valid value for System.Xml.Serialization.EnumMap.GetEnumName [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0

When I remove the Talk servo from my program, then upload it to the cloud, then download it to my phone, the program installs and works. I am using the latest ARC on my computer and Mobile App on my phone.

The talk servo control works great on my computer, though.

I'll keep trying my mobile device. Thanks for your help:)
@jTaylor - the iOS app is always 8-14 days behind the windows app due to Apple limitations of testing the app. You will have to wait until the release notes in the iTunes store mention support for the control in which you are experiencing issues with.

Additionally, you can press the ? (question mark) on any control for help. Pressing the ? (question mark) on the Mobile Designer control will bring you to it's help page. On that page is a list of supported controls.

@bobHouston - lol enjoyed the video. Thanks! Yes, I am indeed slowly pegging items off the to-do list:D
Thank you DJ, I did not realize the time frame for the iOS update. I will wait to use the new control for the mobile device until then. I overlooked the release notes in the iOS app, I was assuming it was the same as the windows update, at the same time. :)
Hehe - I wish:)

It took us 4 months to get the iOS app approved by Apple because we have our own "AppStore". Following that, they seem to be very supporting with our release updates. That being said, when you submit an app for review it takes approx. 7-14 days.

Apple even posts how long it will take for review on twitter:
Would it be possible to add an exit or close button to the phrase list window when it's on?
Since it is larger, it's harder to close it to get back to ARC main window.

User-inserted image

Hitting the ESC key closes the window.

I will add a "Press ESC to close" message
Tanks Alan, I's a good escape way to close this window,

Tanks DJ an other item to the endless list.