Connecting Arduino to EZ-Builder


Program an Arduino and connect it to EZ-Builder to become an EZ-B.

Compatible Arduinos

This tutorial currently covers what Arduino's are compatible with EZ-Builder, where to download the firmware, how to flash the Arduino and connect to EZ-Builder.

Once you follow this tutorial and program an Arduino, you will be able to connect an Arduino to EZ-Buider and control the Arduino just like the EZ-B v4 or IoTiny. Essentially, you will be converting an Arduino into an EZ-B. The best part about this is having access to the source code means you can add new functionalities to the Arduino and extend capabilities of EZ-Builder. The one item to note is each Arduino will have different capabilities or lacking capabilities (i.e. video, audio, etc.).

EZ-Builder Version
- This feature works with EZ-Builder 2019.01.31.00 Beta or newer

Arduino Capabilities
Additionally, each Arduino model will have a different MCU (microcontroller) with different capabilities for servos, PWM and Analog. Consult the datasheet/manual of the Arduino you're using to ensure you understand what ports are available for different commands. For example, some Arduino models only allow PWM/Servos on specific digital ports. Meanwhile, other Arduino's share I2C with Analog ports. You will have to determine what ports are available because we have no idea due to the number of Arduino versions out there. For example, servo ports on Arduino UNO must be PWM ports 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, and 11. These limitations are that of the Arduino libraries and hardware.

There's a significant number of Arduino's variations out there each with slight modifications. This means the base firmware provided in this tutorial can be modified for various Arduino configurations. Also, you are free to add new features to the Arduino firmware and register them as Capabilities to be used in EZ-Builder. But, that's a future edit of this tutorial:).

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*Arduino Mega shown in picture above

Compatible Official Arduinos
The EZ-Builder software is compatible a number of arduino products, which the firmware can be found on their respective pages. Find your Arduino board and download the firmware from this page:

Download the firmware source code for your Arduino version or compatible from the above link and continue to the next step of this tutorial. *Note: compatible or clone Arduino's will require a toolset and library installation to compile the firmware. Check the Arduino compatible product manual for instructions on adding libraries and tools to the Arduino IDE for clone hardware.

Any for that board will work. They just create a virtual COM port in Windows, which you select in EZ-Builder.
I assume you can use the EZ-B as connection 0 and add the arduino to connection 1 to give yourself additional I/O correct?

What If the arduino has WiFi already? Can we use it wirelessly?
Yes to the ezb #1

yes to the WiFi version of arduino. Look in the getting started guide for the WiFi enabled arduino
Great tutorial

I used my Arduino today, com3 on EZ-builder

sharp sensor:

used port ADC3

sharp IR radar

ADC graph

ADC meter

ADC read

All went well
That's great news! Appreciate the feedback:D