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Pashley's Jd Days

Pashleys Jd Days

A package arrived in the mail a few days ago. I must admit this might not be exactly how the un-boxing went. I seem to remember a bit more assembly and servo alignment. But this video...

Pashleys The Six Chronicles

Day One: The Box Hello, my name is Peter. I have been playing with robots for some time now. I have owned a few of the WowWee products, including the original Robosapein. I have had Roombas, Wall-Es, Robbies and many other toys. I like experimenting with Arduino circuits and have done a little with the Raspberry Pi. I owned two of the earlier EZ-Bs...
Pashley's Ez-Bo, My Experimenting Robot

Pashleys Ez-Bo, My Experimenting Robot

I enjoy experimenting with the different controls available with easy builder, and exploring all the different options available, using the...

Pashleys Synthiam And Garage Sales

My plan is to create a platform for experimenting with robotics with parts gathered from garage sales, using EZ-Board and ARC. I love EZ Board and ARC, because it lets me get right to experimenting with the stuff I get from the garage sales. I can test all kinds of electronics right off the bat. Later I may convert some things into code so that the...
Pashley's Wall-E Bubbles

Pashleys Wall-E Bubbles

I may have added just about everything I can for a while to the ole GarBot 1. Click To Watch Video My latest garage Sale expeditions netted the following bubble-blowing...
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