Tars Robot Concept



I started working on a TARS concept robot.This only simulates walking action.The robot is made from foam board and stands at almost 5 feet tall. Uses a single servo for walking motion and has a lower drive train with 2 dc motors.Two 6 inch lazy susan turntables support the upper part of the legs to robot. I wanted to share what i am building because i have really wanted to do this project since watching the movie Interstellar. I have an Android tablet mounting on the front.. I made the legs skinnier than what they would be but the real TARS would be two wide for moving it around my workshop or getting thru door ways..Will post more updates as possible.Excuse video quality..

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That's brilliant! I was wondering when someone was going to make one! The physics behind it's actually walking in the movie confuses me - but it'll be neat to see ! Maybe throw wheels and simulate it's walking?


I love Interstellar. I cried like a baby. That's not very metal of me but I don't care. Sob*


What movie is this from ¿


Ok I found out what movie but I cant seem to find any videos of that robot:( lol

Must be really new


WOLFIE It is the robot from the movie Interstellar.


I want to see more of this robot!


DJSures.. I will post more as work progresses.Have to say that EZ Robot has inspired me to create many robots..I just cant stop building,because the possibilities are endless due to your product..It is all fun...Anytime I see some new designs,I want to build and I can because of you and EZ Robot.


rb550f, I thought of this earlier, you have created so many cool robots! Android Palbot, EZ Robot Rover, Super Omnibot, Moshi, Romnibot, Brookstone Ezb telepresence robot, Grandsons foam robot, Moshi reborn EZB4, EZ Robot Attacknid, IQ Personal Robot, and TARS. Thank You for showing your love of EZ Robots! Keep us updated on your great work and thanks for sharing all of your creations! Steve S ;)


Work on this some more :D


I like your robot shelf in the back. Maybe next you could automate it so you can request what robot you want!

Joking aside, this is a very cool concept. This almost works like toy plastic trains where the wheels and drive bar moves in an old train-like motion, though hidden wheels underneith actually do the work.

Very cool robot!


How is this robot doing?


Unfortunately I have not worked further oh this due to lack of funds. I am on disability with back problems which limits my spending on robots. I do plan to work on this some more as funds allow me to. I have been able to create some other new robot projects that I will post in near future. I do plan to work on this project because I love robots so much and using ARC much this a great project goal. Again thank you DJ for your interest and everything you have accomplished is totally amazing. :)


Best of luck to you. This is one of my favorite robot builds! Take your time and report progress. I have family member with serious back injury as well and know how difficult it can be. Keep up the great work!