Master Blaster Robot

DJ Sures

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DJ Sures named this robot Master Blaster. Don't ask us why, he still doesn't know. But he's pretty simple and is remote controlled. He has no sensors for object detection, so you can consider this robot animatronic.

I purchased this plastic robot in china town. It is meant to resemble a 1980's retro robot.

I modified the shell to support two standard servos for arms, one standard servo for head and two modified servos for wheels.

The shell wasn't too hard to work with. The hardest part was mounting the legs. The legs had originally attached to the motor mechanism, that would move the legs forward and back. A one-directional wheel on the bottom of each foot allowed the robot to move forward when the leg was pushed back. So, in order to attach the legs I used one of the metal rods and some screws. The legs are static and do not move anymore. Which is fine, because the wheels do all of the mobility work.

The arms were the easiest part. I simply cut the holes large enough to fit the servos. Secured them with screws and attached the arms. I used a servo gear in the arm with a bead of hot glue gun.

Even the head was easy, it was attached the same way as the arms.

The software controlling the robot is EZ-Builder.


1 x Robot Shell
1 x EZ-Robot Complete Kit

Screw Driver
Small Side Cutters
Hot Glue Gun
Zip Ties



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