Star Wars D-O Droid



Here is my D-O droid powered by the IoTiny and controlled through my tablet.

The head is too heavy for the servo in the body, it wants to tilt forward so the nose hits the ground. so I had to lock it up.   Otherwise it has the function for the bar holding up the head to tilt back and forth.

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That's really pretty cool (and a little creepy to me for some reason. Maybe some repressed childhood stuff). I love it!


Pretty sweet! I've never seen this Star Wars robot, or don't remember seeing it, which movie is it from? Or is it from multiple movies?




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omg thats excacly as in the movie.very nice.

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Cool, I like it!  Love to see the insides.


@PTP, thanks!

@R2-V2 also was kind enough to point me toward this video where D-0 was introduced:


love it when movie robots are brought to life especially when the robots in the movies werent completely "real" :)


Here are the build pictures.  Sorry for the delay, I finally got them off my phone.

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Here is the Iotiny

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Here it is assembled with the side panel off.  I have it running on 4 AA batteries.

There is no audio until the movie is released and we find out the sounds it makes.


Wow! That's a 3D printing masterpiece!


WoW is Right. What are you using for the counter weight.  I think it looks like shot.  Maybe you just need more counterweight to compensate for the Head weight.  if you do not have enough room try making a solid lead weight. Have you thought of a GYRO. for balance. Thanks for showing the insides.


It has about 4 pounds of shot.    The head rod is connected to a servo to tilt it back and forth, the red gear in the first image, the counter weight doesn't affect the head, only keeps the whole assemble from spinning.