Brookstone Ezb Teleprescence Robot



I put together a teleprescence robot using a Broostone rover 2.0.It stands 39 inches high and has a 7inch android tablet.I am currently using the rover app on android tablet for remote operation.I am using two round teflon slider as anti tipping device.I am anxiously waiting for Rover 2.0 support so that I can use Ezb for programming it.I plan to use two servos for stopping tiping while stopping motion.Tablet is very light and does not cause a balance issue. User-inserted image

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I love this, you have done, a great job!

how did you make the tablet holder?


:);):) ;)


Truly impressive. I love this idea and the way that you have gone about accomplishing this. Thank you for sharing.


More Pix! More Pix! More Pix!

how does the two teflon sliders keep it from tilting? Or are you just meaning they are easy to adjust on the rod?


I think its in the second and third pic just under the camera on the brookstone.


Very cool! So the table controls the rover and you remote into the tablet? What software are using to remote into the tablet? I also like the tablet stand. Where did you buy it or how did you make it?


rb550f, Excellent build!
Last screen picture view, split screen from control unit and rover is cool. Thanks for sharing your latest project. Steve S


The teflon sliders are mounter with a flat bar underneath rover.They stick out front and back just a couple of inchesand just clear the floor.The rover is currently running via android tablet app via wifi.Rover has its own camera with video and audio sent back to controlling tablet.The tablet that i installed on mast uses Paltalk app for video chat between rover tablet and any connected Palktalk user you choose to set up..(for Free)..The rover app lets you see what the rover camera sees and is able to tilt up and down with zoom features as well. The plan is to install EZB 4 to rover and add additional features and sensors control by EZB.I will do this when Rover 2.0 is released for EZB. Currenlty only Rover 1.0 supported..


The tablet holder is made from a holder from Ebay and is mounted on 1 inch pvc T with a slot cut out longways from top.