Pictures of my RoBo Jeep



Now that I know the right catagories, I'll post some pics of my Robotic jeep platform. It is a Power Wheels jeep. I stripped it down and painted it Black metallic metalflake. I used the motor and rear axle assy from an electric garden wagon that Pep Boys used to carry. Power is 2, 12 volt 9.0 Ah batteries, wired in series. That wagon was able to pull a 200 lb. load, so I think I have more then enough power. The head light buckets are from a 6 volt flashlight from Lowes (the yellow one) the reflectors fit into the headlight rings like they were made for it. I'm going to put LEDs in. Right now it's set up to run via R/C. I'm using a Hitec 6 channel radio. Future add-ons will include: A camera with day/nite mounted on a pan and tilt. A siren from an old auto alarm system, as an alert for prowlers. Possibly a paintball gun to "mark" any tresspassers and maybe convince them to leave. Also considering a stun gun of some kind. Fron axle is made from go-kart parts. I'll use a heavy duty servo from servo City for the steering. Now that I've found the EZ-B I'll be looking to use it as an alternate control system.

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I can't wait to see progress on this bot. It is Wicked Cool!


That's brilliant. Perhaps you should be teaching me how to make robots. How are you going to control it?


Right now I have it set up for R/C. I have a Hitec 6channel radio. I plan on setting it up with the EZ-B also.I'd like the option to use either one. I'll be sending you an email with the progress I've made. I'm having great fun now!


lostcreek. i'm using a spektrum dx5e transmitter and 6 channel receiver talking to a sabertooth 2x25 motor controller. it has only 2 signal inputs and it turns my electric wheelchair zero turn radius like a lawn mower (or tank)

the problem that i had, was when i connected my ez-b to the sabertooth, and tried using the modified servo movement panel, the sabertooth never moved:(

its like it is not understanding the language. i even used the sabertooth's manual

data sheet for sabertooth 2x25 motor controller

link to sabertooth 2x25 motor controller details page

and left it in the r/c mode. i also tried the microcontroller mode

i did not add any scripts while in either mode... is that where i went wrong? when i used the Movement Panel only, the arrows turned green showing it was sending the signals properly.

i actually attached 2 continuous servos to the ez-b and used the movement panel, and they both ran frontwards correctly, backwards correctly but the left and right was reversed. i thought my sabertooth's motors would do the same, but they did not move at all.

i'm giving a $2 prize on paypal to whoever fixes this problem for me!


Just as a "Sorry, I have to ask" check, do you have the sabertooth connected to a power supply greater than 6V when doing your tests? I know that it may be obvious to some, but yes both the EZ-B as well as the sabertooth need power in order for the circuit to function.

Second question, have you tied the ground from your sabertooth power supply to the ground of your EZ-B? This is quite important as without this ground reference the signal coming from the EZ-B won't be at the same voltage level as the sabertooth is expecting. The grounds will need to be tied together in all modes.

Also remember that you don't need the middle wire (+V aka 5V) on your servo cables because the Sabertooth regulates is own voltage and the 5V terminal on the sabertooth is actually an output not an input. So you'll just need 2 signals and ground for R/C mode and 1 signal and ground for simple serial mode.

From the way it looks the EZ-B could work with the Sabertooth in 3 modes:

R/C mixing mode: You could try just sending regular servo pulses (with either the vertical or horizontal servo panels) to inputs S1 and S2 as a test to see if the motors will move when your sabertooth is configured in this R/C mode. Then try the modified Movement Panel after that.

R/C microcontroller mode: Set your jumpers to this mode, connect S1 and S2 to D0 and D1 on the EZ-B (and remember at least one ground connection) and then send a simple script of:

Set(D0, ON) Set(D1, ON) Sleep(1000) Set(D0, OFF) Set(D1, OFF) Sleep(1000) -> select repeat script if you'd like

Simple Serial Mode: When in Simple serial mode configure your jumpers to the baud rate you want (ex: 9600) and then send a serial command with a quick script like:

SendSerial(d0, 9600, '127') -> Motor 1 full forward SendSerial(d0, 9600, '255') -> Motor 2 full forward sleep(2000) -> Keep them going for 2 seconds SendSerial(d0, 9600, 0x00) -> Shut down both motors

That being said, I did notice that the sabertooth protocol uses a stop bit and I don't think the EZ-B outputs that, but only DJ could confirm that.

By the way if this helps you at all, don't worry about the money, just pay it forward just as you've already been doing!


You have no reason to ever write a script for your motor controller. Erase the word Script out of your head during this discussion:)

  1. Maybe there is no power to the sabertooth like skater suggested?

  2. In jumper mode, you can add the HBridge movement panel. Don't use a script.

  3. If you hooked up the modified servos as a test but the left and right was reversed... Guess what? Reverse the servos:) Because neither left and right can be reversed without forward and backward being reversed too.

  4. R/C mode is the one you want. Must be incorrect wires connected to the EZ-B. a) Are you connecting the sabertooth pins to the Signal wire of the Digital port? b) Are you powering the sabertooth off the ez-b? The ez-b can't power a motor.

If you can't get it to work and you're certain everything is connected correctly, then you may have to consider that the controller has been damaged. Do you have an R/C receiver you can connect it too? If it doesn't work in the R/C receiver, then it's damaged.


Hello all, I have returned to the fold after an all to long absentence. RoBo jeep has been sitting quietly in storage. I may yet resurrect it. Lloyd


@robotz12248 & @thegoodrobot>

I have a Sabertooth 2x12 I am using in my robot Questor. I had poured over the forums and web trying to find a way to smoothly change from EZ-B control to R/C control and back again. I looked at all the tutorials and contacted Dimension Engineering, tried every possible combination of Sabertooth dip switch setting and EZ-B control but could only get it to work in one or the other but, not both. I ended up building a circuit to electrically change the Sabertooth dip switch setting to which ever mode I works great. Basically it uses tiny little reed relays to change to dip switch settings on the Sabertooth.

See post #18 on page 2 of Project Questor: Link

I would be happy to share more info if needed.



Hey Lloyd, I am very happy to see you back on here. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!