Metal Boxbot... Yes I'm That Impatient



Hey all!

So I read the title "BoxBot" by thetechguru and while I love the salmon box platform, it wasn't quite what I expected because after ordering my Wall-E and my EZ-B kit I thought to myself "well if the kit shows up first, maybe I'll make a bot out of the box it comes in!"

So not to steal any spotlight from BoxBot, I named mine slightly different. I hope you enjoy as I did during the 2 hours I spent putting him together last night when I got the kit finally!

User-inserted image

The Kit

User-inserted image

A hole for the wheel wires

User-inserted image

Some high-tech wheel mounts to level out the servos

User-inserted image

Wheels are mounted!

User-inserted image

Cut a hole and nicely mounted the head servo without glue or screws

User-inserted image

A protective box for the EZ-Board

User-inserted image

Another piece of protective cardboard for good measure

User-inserted image

It fits!

User-inserted image

The blue light makes the box glow nicely:)

User-inserted image

All done!

User-inserted image

My eBay Wall-E came in today, but now I don't want to dismantle my BoxBot:(

By the end of the first night I had movement, speech recognition and face tracking working beautifully.

Tonight I even had my friends take control of it for a while over the Internet using the HTTP server! It's still a little sketchy, but they had a blast! It reminded me of a couple episodes of Big Bang Theory... Points to the first who know what I'm referring to!

But no time to tinker tonight. Just wanted to make my first project showcase. I can't wait to do more with it! :D

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@DaMan, ! That is what you are with this....definitely 'DaMan' awesome is that! Well done!


That is great. I thought about that before I assembled Boxbot, but my tin had some dents, so I went with the Salmon box instead. I was also concerned about shorting out the EZ-B, but your solution was perfect.

I love how the LED glows through the top. Alan


I built Testbot to test and learn how stuff works. But now I want to save it so I guess I'll be ordering another board from DJ. I think he planned it that :) J.W.


Oh yeah, that starter kit is like the free samples from a drug dealer. DJ will be getting most of my discretionary funds dor some time. Particularly when EZ-Bits come out.



Hahaha what a fantastic idea!!


I love it! And the Big Bang Theory was when the guys in China turned their lights on and off in Pasadena....I'm such a nerd.


Thanks for the comments guys.

Yeah the friends controlling over the net are likely to buy one for sure. At least one of them.

But I still can't wait to tear into Wall-E. I will definitely make use of fullmonty's guide .

I'm a little disappointed though. I was hoping that even though I don't have an MP3 Trigger or audio board of any sort, I would be able to trigger audio to play through my computer. So I could speak into the camera mic asking "What's your name" and my laptop would play the audio clip.

Oh well. I will just have to find an audio board of some sort somewhere. There seems to be some recommendations in the hardware forum, but I'll probably leave it until last.



@daman cool you was able to make the packaging so useful. It reminds me when I was a child I played with the box just as much as the toy ! Lol



Could you post all of your camera and tracking settings for the metal box robot?

I track color good, but motion and faces I have trouble with.




Lol that's awesome.

I used 2 hotel key cards and made a robot from that. Sandwiched the servos in-between and mounted the EZ-B, battery pack and camera on top. Used elastic bands to hold it all together. It was red neck!:D


Wow, tin box packaging with a window... makes me want to get one just for the nostalgia I never had:P (but I really like the current box as well) Nice build!


@Lumpy I did the same things, but with wooden sticks left over from another project:D

New Zealand

Awesome.... and I know what you mean by needing a second EZ-B board....or third....or forth.....he he he