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DJ, have you considered the option of users being able to donate on the website. This would be a suitable way for us to show our gratitude to you for making our dreams possible
Script Evaluation

Script Evaluation

This thread is for the purpose of script evaluation. If you are stuck in writing a script or just cant get it to work post it and it can be checked by other EZ-B users. It can also be...

From An Old Member

I have been a member of the EZ-Robot community since there were only five pages in the Discussion topic and some users, including DJ, may remember me. For the past year I have been distracted by writing and game development and slowly forgot EZ-Robot. But I missed how incredible this community was, and hopefully still is, so Ive decided to come...

PS3 Remote Connectivity

Hello I am a 13 years old and new to the EZ-B concept. Along with other things, I need to ask a few questions relating to joystick connectivity. I was ready to buy a wireless controller for the EZ-B and then realised that I could use one of my wireless PS3 remotes. I plugged it it using the charger cord and started up the ARC. When opening the...

Servo Mounted Security Camera (2-Axis)

I am well on the way in the programming of my security camera. Camera servo tracking is enabled for the two servos- the horizontal and vertical axis. When one of the two servos moves to follow movement the alarm will be activated, starting both the Alert and Snapshot scripts. Here are the scripts I have written for the camera: NB: I am unsure what...

Task Distribution Concept

Various companies distribute their jobs and tasks through special websites. These websites act as hosts for hundreds of different people, all specialising in a particular area. By using these un-official employees they are able eliminate any problems that may occur in the workplace, temporarily decrease their work-load and temporarily increase...

Voice Activated Door Lock

Today I discovered the obvious. You can not only control robots with the EZ-B but you can control any peripherals compatable with it. There a so many different possibilities, varying from simple to complex. So I have set out to create a simple voice activated door lock. I am still in the planning stages and I hope I will be successful. Here is the...

Bluetooth Connection Problems

I was testing the EZ-B with my joystick and everything was working brilliantly. I then needed to leave the room and without thinking I removed a battery from the battery pack without disconnecting the EZ-B. When I returned and placed the battery in the battery pack the bluetooth light (which is on top I think) wasnt flashing. I am now unable to...

Servo Buying Decisions

My first project Fred the Lobot (see Fred the Lobot (Lego Robot)) is in need of some servos but I am not sure where to buy them. If I was anywhere closer than Australia I would happily choose HVW Technologies but for where I am the postage is a minimum of $30. I have a list of a few more local online robotics stores but am unsure of which one is...
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