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Help Me Hook Up Arduino Joystick To Ez-B To Control Servo

i have a joystick, it looks like a ps3 or something, its for arduino boards. it has 3 connectors on it, each has a 3-wire attached. (9 wires total) connector 1 is blue wire, black wire, red wire and labeled (S, GND X, VCC) connector 2 is same, blue, black, and red wires labeled (S, GND Y, VCC) connector 3 is green wire, red wire, and black wire...
Help Me Hook Up My Sabertooth 2X25 Motor Controller To Ez-B

Help Me Hook Up My Sabertooth 2X25 Motor Controller To Ez-B

I have an electric wheelchair that i currently control with a spektrum dx5e transmitter, receiver, and...
Songify This: I Can't Hug Every Robot By Thegoodrobot.Com

Songify This: I Cant Hug Every Robot By Thegoodrobot.Com

Here is a video that i made (the 2nd one), i gave a shout out to DJ Sures and in the video, so...

System Requirments? Will A Netbook, Or 2Gb DDR Ram Laptop Work Well?

Im going to buy a new laptop to mount on my bot. Would a laptop that is 2gb DDR ram work well? How about netbook like acer?

I May Buy A USB Wireless Camera From Ez-Robot.Com

Dj I noticed the power cord for the ez robots wireless USB camera you sell will not work for my wall outlet here in USA. Do you have my type of plug? TheGoodRobot

Members Post Auto-Forwards To Youtube????

DJ when i went into project showcase, and tried to view 3 axis skull Halloween Prop it sent me to automatically. for about 1-2 seconds i could see a few other postings by members, so i wasnt sure why i was getting auto-sent to youtube, i did not even click the video in the post at all. can you please let me know if its something wrong...

Iphone Can Not Upload Image

DJ, can you make it possible for iphone users to upload pics directly from their iphone? the add image button is not accessible on my iphone. if i have a website link to an image, it will let me add a link, but not attach a file. also, is it possible for me to just copy an image somewhere, then just paste it in the post? if you allow simple...
List Of Free .Mp3 Sound Files For Robots

List Of Free .Mp3 Sound Files For Robots

hi, im TJ I like some of wall-es words, and would like some others too in my robot. if anyone has mp3 files for communication or basic...

Can We Connect A Potentiometer (Pots) To Ez-B To Control Servos?

how can i connect a pot (potentiometer) to the ez-b to control a servo? also how do i get the software to recognize it? this is VERY IMPORTANT because of something im working on, has to use a pot. if i connect the pot into the analog input of ez-b, i can get the adc to recognize it when i turn it,,, but not sure how to make servo move left to right...

Servo Facts And Information

Q. What is the input voltage range for my Hitec Servo? A. All Hitec servos can be operated within a 4.8 - 6V (4 or 5 cells) range. Only the HS-50 operates exclusively at 4.8 volts (4 cells). Be aware that coreless and digital servos often perform poorly when alkaline batteries are used. Q. What signal do servos require to operate? A. All Hitec...

Can You Help Me Make Custom Software/Hardware?

Can you help me make custom software/hardware? For example I like how the bit moves its head using motion tracking and its life like... I want only that motion tracking to control my servos, Not the rest if the board. Will that be cheap?
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