Nolan's First Robot



My name is Nolan, I am 7 years old. after Grampa showed me some robots, I picked the gravity robot because I can change how it looks by drawing and cutting out cardboard and foam different robots, and hook them on to my robot. I like making scripts so my robot does what I want and trading ideas with my brother. This what we used: 1- loTiny EZ Robot controller 1- 1x2 board 2- coffee lids 2- continuous servo motors 2- screws and washers 1- battery holder from kit 1- L bracket to mount speaker, makes loader

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That is awesome Nolan! I really dig the wheels on that robot, it rolls around so well too! And the doggy on board really gives your robot a personality. I think you picked a very good robot with your Grandpaw!


That's great! Nice work Nolan! Using the big wheels makes it so fast. Looks like you're having a ton of fun :)


Looks like you're well on your way Nolan to building your own hover board!
Of Course you can do it!


You must be the brother! Keep up the great work and continue to work together with your brother. You guys make a great robot team!


Great work, Nolan! I started at a young age as well - at your rate, you might end up owning a robot company some day!


Thanks everyone for checking out my robot. I am looking forward to putting a different stuffed animal on there and programming for it!


Great job on the wheels Nolan! and To think I spend hundreds of dollars on mine yours cost maybe $10 great job ! Keep up the great work and post more videos.

Thanks for sharing. Cheers