Randez's Omnibot2000 Thread...



X-mas came early! :)

This guy needs a major cleanup, there was some greasy fluid coming from one of his elbows... I knew it was about 25" to 26" tall but this thing is gigantic! One of the wheels looks like it's starting to "melt" down/rub off so It looks like I'll be casting either slip over traction sleeves or making a mold of a good tire and casting the whole thing as one piece in urethane rubber or urethane plastic... The wheels appear to be around 3" everything about this thing is BIG! Sorry for the bad pic but my iPhone lens is all scratched up and there wasn't much light when I took the picture.

Thanks again to DJ Sures for the inspiration and tech know-how!! This is gonna be FUN!

More coming soon...

Happy holidays everyone!! User-inserted image

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Welcome to the Omnibot 2000 club! I'm working on a new control for ARC that will compliment 2 joint arms. I'll post a video when I get it working


Thanks DJ! I can't wait to get modding :)


More updates? Cleaned this guy up yet? Most everyone washes him in the dishwasher. 400 grit sand paper and water with dish soap in it. Use it to wash away the Brown. It will take a few hours but you'll feel great when that guys white agian lol.


Well I got him all taken apart cleaned with spray&wash to get rid of greasy areas lol. Soap & hot water washed... don't have a dishwasher. Decided to paint with 2422 Satin Dove White Krylon Fusion(I'm really liking the look of this paint). Came out really nice until I decided to clear coat and ended up messing up all the evenly sprayed base... So now I'm sanding down the messed up areas then will repaint with the Krylon Fusion and leave it at that. :) just got my EZ-B kit so have been playing around with that. I'm in the middle of 4 classes right now so free time is hard to come by... But as soon as I get sometime and pics I'll be updating. How bout u have you started one yet? Thanks for checking in:)


@randez yup started mine earlier in the week I've been whitening the omnibot with 40 lift peroxide and powder lightener from sallys beauty supply. It's way better now and I believe ill have all the whitening done today. The trick is uv light so I gotta do it in sunshine. I will eventually paint the bot but that will be a couple months out and I want it to look good till then. Plus paint sticks better if you remove tar and corosion first. I would recomend sanding wet. It's faster and smoother. Ttyl!


I was going to do the retr0bright thing but the chemies , cost and time went with paint.


I have about 25 dollars in my supplies , a gallon of the peroxide and 1 pound of powdered bleach. Mixing cup , gloves and brushes


Is it really possible to get rid of the yellowish color by putting the parts inside a dish washer? I had once taken it apart and cleaned it in the bathtub, but all it did was taking off dust and grease. How can the dish washer clean it this good? Is it the hot water? Mike


Hey MikeDC, One way is to use this way... http://retr0bright.wikispaces.com/ I went with painting... jstarne1 might be using a modified technique.


@mikedc using 40 volume peroxide from sallys salon supply and the bleach whitener powder works excellent. I tried retro bright and that didn't work well at all. Here's a example pic if my second omnibot and the one I bleached. Looks like New! User-inserted image

User-inserted image


@jstarne1 thank you very much! I will try and do that, too, once summer comes around (or at least spring) here in germany to have sufficient uv light. how do you prevent the writing ("Omnibot 2000" from fading? Did you put something on it to protect it? Toothpaste?


oem or better quality clearcoat for automotive use has UV blockers and seals the plastic to prevent discoloration.


@jstarne1 it's amazing how white that became! I'm really impressed. I have only painted my bots, i think it is time to start doing what you did instead :)


@dj thanks dj , im really happy this guy looks like new. maybe ill paint it candy red one day but ive really fallen for this original white. i have a exra bot i plan on bleaching too and maybe selling on ebay. maybe with the color restoration it will go for more.


@mikedc you could get a heat lamp / floodlight type bulb, they emit infra red and uv light. Plus i believe they sell uv type bulb you can use in standard sockets that have built in ballasts. Its just easy to sit it outside in the sun a few hours if its available lol. I done some whitening with a buddy in his basement this way for a radioshack robie robot.


@Randez. Hey man , how's the progress? Any cutting? Get a ezb yet? I know the Omnibot 2000 motors and gears are loud. You could dynamat them up and sound much more high tech. I know you said you went with paint so let's see some progress pics ! ;D


@jstarne1 Hey! Sorry I've been too busy w/ school... :( As soon as I get some free time I'll be updating... I got my EZ-B kit and have played around with it connected to an Acer Iconia w500 and it works great! I think I'm going to go with a different setup for driving around... I dont want the noise and wanted to work out something more updated. I'll post some pics of the body painted but still need to repaint the head/arms because of the bubbling problem from the clear coat. Thanks for checking in. Sorry to keep ya'll waiting, I will update soon ( I hope )


Cool pics ! I know it seems as the days are never long enough to get stuff done ! :)


That's awesome man. Oh if you don't use your gearbox n motors I would buy them ! Anyways I used dynamat on my gearbox on every square inch of the outside and now its the quietest drive system you can ever hope for! I may even put a second layer on to make it silent. Anyhow with dynamat all over driving at 6 volts it made a little over 30db. Just enough to hear a little hum. But if you want ill trade you a rad 2.0 bottom half if you rather go with somthing different! User-inserted image This is omni sitting on rad base. It's exactly the same width as omni 2000 large lower base , wanna trade ?;) User-inserted image

User-inserted image


@Jstarne1 Dynamat is great stuff! I think Im going to hang on to the original drive for now. To early to get rid of anymore parts:) the pics look great! Cant wait to see a video! Thnx @ww321q & @bret tallent !! ;)


I bought a Acer iconia w500 too after seeing dj use one. I got scammed and sent a refurbished instead of New but its still cool.


@RandEZ & @jstarne1 - I have a slightly off-topic question about your Acer Iconia w500s. Are you using the EZ-Robot camera with the Iconia? Is it "bothersome" to use the EZ-Robot camera's USB dongle with the Iconia? I'm curious to know if the USB dongle gets in the way of using the Iconia tablet at all when you're holding it. Thanks!

@RandEZ - Omnibot 2000's looking great so far with the new paint. Looks brand new!

@jstarne1 - sorry to hear you got scammed on your Iconia. I'm actually looking into getting a refurb Iconia to save a little on cost.


Thanks JT! I haven't tried the camera yet. If you use it with the keyboard I think you get two USB ports... I was thinking a wireless USB hub might make things easier? Not sure if they work that great. The only downside I see with the W500 Is lack of USB ports and the keyboard/tablet isn't the most stable as far as moving them around together (it's kinda top heavy and if it's not on a stable surface it's kinda hard to use) but it runs windows and that's what I wanted it it for seeing as all the others I have are Macs:) Ultimately I might go with the mini ITX idea? I'm not sure. Taking my time cause I be broke and want to take it slow :)

I got mine on eBay referb $375? I think I can't remember the name of seller right now but it was in perfect condition not a scratch on it. The only thing I had to do was request backup DVDs from the referber


Yea its descent , just had little marks in it , a couple dents on the back speaker. It's a cool tablet , recommended for pretty much everyone , its quick , 4 he ir better battery life and comes with the keyboard attachment.


Painting done... I guess I should of cut it up and assembled it with the servos first, but I think starting with a clean slate will help keep it clean looking. :)

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Great paint job, on your way to a terrific robot.


Might I suggest getting rubberized texture spray , or spray on liquid tape and paint your joints with it. The stuff is flexible and won't flake and will match well will your black accents. :). Looks like a great start man. What's the plan?


are you talking about at the shoulders & head? The original grey pieces are breaking apart every time i touch them I was thinking of maybe 3D printing something for them but I'm not sure if they 3D print with a material that is flexible enough. Thnx for the props! Your is looking great! I've been keeping an eye on your progress because my electronics knowledge is slightly above operating a light switch:) LOL


Oh sorry to hear the joint covers are not useful. Thanks for watching my.posts , comments and positive feedback keep me going and creative


@RandEZ - I love the paint job! Can't wait to see what you do.


@ bret.tallent Thnx dude!


Anyone know of the E Z Bits status? Spring break is coming up and wanted to have some things to work on during the break :)


Where's the rest of the story? Or maybe you are waiting and gather parts like me. give us a little update.


MovieMaker :)


Dynamat! Genius! Going to steal that for sure!


It's honestly amazing what people can do with the limitations of these robots.