Philo Junior Color Tracking Test

DJ Sures


Hey there! I was playing around with the Philo Junior. This example uses the camera option "Track By Relative Position", in case anyone wanted another example. The Robot Head also uses the same example, but this one is more fun:)

I really like the idea of using the WiiMote as an extension of the user. I even had my grandfather using it with great ease. This lets me think there is more potential with simple and cost effective control mechanisms like the WiiMote!

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Nice video DJ, always easier to use a command that already have at home to buy some space. By the way is that the warm California coast?;)


Thanks:) Nope, that's the warm Ontario beach at my family's cabin:D


Awesome view, man. Those philo jr. robots are a great value, they even offer an upgrade kit to convert him into a full size robophilo:D I'm getting interested in this one, I have the philo Sr. and the factory controller isn't much fun to use. There's even a guy who did a 20 minute rant on yout_be about how and why he couldn't get it to connect to his 'puter. sick


I saw that @Kenny Storm blush. I'm going to get the EZ-b because I couldn't get the philo junior board to connect with my CPU via serial port.


and then dj&team wonders why we get so impatients hahaha look all those great video.