My Inmoov Running On Synthiam


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Initial test of my InMoov robot running on the new EZBv4. I have 24 servos connected to one v4 and all are running OK.

Thanks for everyone's help to get it up and running.

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that is a serious funky robot thanks for sharing
@jackphillips1953 Thanks... I can't believe I am actually considering it....:)
As a person that has lost the ability to do ANY of the actions that the robot does due to ALS, this is the future for people like me. I doubt that affordable robotics will be a reality in my lifetime since I am in the 1% group that has outlived the 2-5 year lifespan, 13 years 5 months and counting! I am trying to find a way to get a kinova rehab robotic arm that attaches to the wheelchair and controlled with the chair's joystick. At the $50,000 asking price, I don't see it happening. You can see it in action, simply amazing. The upper torso would be my choice, if I could choose which half to be able to use again.
Awesome project man.. robot moves so life like.

and @stelmobarry thanks so much for sharing. Maybe the community here can start a project , maybe even a joint kick starter to build this thing so people can afford it.
@stelmobarry. Thanks for putting things in perspective, while we sit around playing with our toy robots there are people, like yourself, out there who could really use a robot. Whether it be a robotic arm or hand, I see that as being the immediate future of robotics. I know that Gael, the inventor of InMoov, is working on a robotic hand prosthetic. The robotic arm in your video, is very impressive but at a $50,000 price tag, not many people will benefit from it.
There is a few 3D printed arms out there that could be easily built and controlled by EZ - Robot , for example there is this one -

If this community is looking for a project, this would be be a noble one.
@stelmobarry, please email me at -
@bhouston.... When you modified the HS-805BBs to remove the pot. Did you use the same pot from the servo in order to report positioning of the joints or did you use a different one?

I am looking at this project closely now and seriously looking at the makerbot mini as my first 3d printer...

I seem to be going down a path that I know I can't return from... LOL

I removed the pots, they are hanging of the servos now.. I have not used them yet.. I control by software the movement for now.
@Richard R, yes I removed the pot from the servo and installed it according to Gaels instructions in his assembly tutorials. Keep in mind that I built and ran it for awhile with the programming from My Robot Lab. As jackphillips said he is running his without the the pots, so I don't know if it is necessary to remove them if you are using EZRobot software. When I switched over to EZRobot sofeware I used the same settings I had before and everything is working fine.
I believe all the parts for InMoov can be printed on a 6" x 6" printer bed so a Mini might work.
@Richard R, I too am using the POTs from Gael's instructions. Because I found when I removed the POTS to get the servo to run continuously , the servos would not stop in the right position to control the servos using EZB. I did find that the newer servos pots have changed from round to square. I had some burnout servos that had the round pots and used them.

I am not sure how jackphillips is controlling his servos because I tried not use the pots and could not get the servos to stop before breaking parts on the inmoov. If you find a way that would be great because for me setting the pots was a pain in the backside for me.

I am using the solidoodle 4 8x8 bed and have had no trouble with the printer. I only had problems getting the prints to stick to the bed.

If you search Inmoovs blog on google I believe you can use a 6x6 bed to print the parts.
Merne, have you used hairspray on the bed before printing? I use suave extreme hold hairspray and prints stick well.
@ d.cochran, yes. That is what I learned reading and trying different products. I sometimes use a little superglue too. Specially on parts that are tall or small. Like printing the finger covers.:)
@ bhouston , do you mind sharing where you found the lower hip cover and the stand to mount your inmoov?
@merne, I'm not sure what you mean by the "lower hip cover" as for the stand, I made it out of a telescoping light stand and made a plywood base on top of it to mount the robot on.
Late to the compliment party, but really nice work. The movement is super smooth and lifelike. Very nice.

Those modified HS-805BB are great motors for the arms and shoulders... @bhouston... Can your inmoov grasp and lift say a 500ml bottle of water?
On the inmoov site... the owner states that any printer with a print area of 12cm x12cmx12cm will work...

You can control those HS-805BBs without the external pots, but it is not going to give you precise control over the movements... Adding pots to the joints will provide feedback to the ezb as to the position of the particular joint... This is kind of important because without feedback you can easily over extend the joint stripping the gears or breaking the joint itself....
@bhouston. the part under the stomach. The v shape. is that what you made out of plywood for the stand.
@ Richard R, I have not picked up a bottle of water but I have seen other InMoov's do that and pour the water into a glass.
@bhouston... Thanks and great work... I have decided to take a stab at this... Just have to wait a week or two to get my printer....