InMoov with 7" touch screen display and Lattepanda V1.1


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I eventually got around to installed a 7" screen and a lattepanda V1.1 on my InMoov to make it independent of having a external Windows PC or Laptop to run a project.

I put the EZ-Builder and project files into the startup program of Windows, so that on power up of the Lattepanda it boot up straight into the project, although a bit slow in actually loading EZ-Builder and my project from power on, it works extremely well.

The 7" screen is better than I expected to run Projects in EZ-Builder and navigating around windows if needed, I use a stylus pen on the touch screen display which makes it a lot more effective, but
i wished now i purchased the 10" touch screen display rather than the 7" version

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Why not add a small router on InMoov so you can create your own network on the robot.
United Kingdom
@ EZang60

Get a InMoov to walk is on a completely different level, and as far as I know nobody has actually achieved that yet!

I do have some videos of top half moving, although my laptop crashed about 9 mths ago and didn’t have it backed up, and lost some of my longer videos which I had taken time to construct and put together.
I need to spend time redoing them again, but can send you what I got if your interested?
Great, I am interested in any videos you might have, I built the small metal robot in the robot section

Don't want to steal your thread here, needed to ask you a few questions about your Drupp neck build.
If you wouldn't mind sending me a email when you have a few extra monents.

Thanks ... Herr Ball ... old-firefighter138(at)neo(dot)rr(dot)com