InMoov with 7" touch screen display and Lattepanda V1.1


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I eventually got around to installed a 7" screen and a lattepanda V1.1 on my InMoov to make it independent of having a external Windows PC or Laptop to run a project.

I put the ARC and project files into the startup program of Windows, so that on power up of the Lattepanda it boot up straight into the project, although a bit slow in actually loading ARC and my project from power on, it works extremely well.

The 7" screen is better than I expected to run Projects in ARC and navigating around windows if needed, I use a stylus pen on the touch screen display which makes it a lot more effective, but
i wished now i purchased the 10" touch screen display rather than the 7" version

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Great mod. Enjoy seeing good looking inmoov's.
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Thanks all it’s been a labour of love been building/modify this on and off for over 4 yrs, taking huge chunks of time off over that time due to ill health, which I’m still battling with, but I can’t believe it’s been that long!!!

its hard to remember how long it took to print the legs, didn’t do it all in one go, all I do remember, I was really glad when the legs were finished:D
Boy that looks sharp! 

I like it’s on the back rather than front. I never thought Of that
Very nice! You're an excellent builder and designer. Elegant.
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I see you are using the Drupp Neck on you InMoov, I have the same neck on my InMoov but coming up with a script for it has been a problem.
My goal is to have a script that I can feed in the head XY position and it will calculate the position for the 3 servos. At first I thought 3 triangles, 3 servos, a little geometry... Boy was I mistaken. Landing on Mars is going to be easier.
What 10" display did you use?
By the way Your InMoov has to one of the nicest and cleanest I have ever seen. Awesome job.
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I didn’t find an issue scripting for the neck, once setting it up in Auto Position for certain positions, like head down, up front, right, left and back. It was time consuming but once I had the values, I then wrote some scripts.
I thought about the XY position, but couldn’t figure it out using 3 servos?

I don’t have a 10 display, if you read my messages, I have a 7 touch screen, but wished I went for the 10 one!:)
Sorry I meant 7". It looks so good on yours, was just wondering what make/model display you are using.
I have also setup some Auto Position but would love to have XY position. When and if I ever figure it out, I will post the code.
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It’s a GeeekPi 7 Inch 1024x600 Capacitive Touch Screen LCD Display .
Looks great, excellent job, 
Did you connect the Display direct to EZ-B, or did you use wifi connect?
I have built a Inmoov robot from the hips up and show it around Retirement and nursing homes. Some that do not have wifi or internet. I need to have my PC connected direct to EZ_B in the robot, I do not want lose camera function.
The show and tell is a great hit, the residents have a great time, asking the robot questions the robot answering back with canned answers and watching its movements, I also show my 3D printer working , so they can see how it prints. I live in a retirement myself and know how much we all need to keep up with the world. Sorry I get carried away.
So! How did you connect you Display to your robot.
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The display is connected to the Lattepanda via the HDMI cable.
How do you connect Lattepanda to EZ-B? Is vai wifi or hard wired using a USB serial connection?
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I connect the Lattepanda to the EZ-B’s via Wi-fi.

From your previous message about showing your InMoov around nursing retire homes, and discussing 3D printing, I think that is fantastic you do this, and a wonderful idea, I must admit I’m surprised they are so interested in it.
Are there any videos of the robot moving, walking?
Why not add a small router on InMoov so you can create your own network on the robot.
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@ EZang60

Get a InMoov to walk is on a completely different level, and as far as I know nobody has actually achieved that yet!

I do have some videos of top half moving, although my laptop crashed about 9 mths ago and didn’t have it backed up, and lost some of my longer videos which I had taken time to construct and put together.
I need to spend time redoing them again, but can send you what I got if your interested?
Great, I am interested in any videos you might have, I built the small metal robot in the robot section

Don't want to steal your thread here, needed to ask you a few questions about your Drupp neck build.
If you wouldn't mind sending me a email when you have a few extra monents.

Thanks ... Herr Ball ... old-firefighter138(at)neo(dot)rr(dot)com