Delta Vs Quad



So it's time to dig out of this winter mess down hear in Obamaland. I put the Quad Scout up until I try out a delta configuration.

Not sure if I like this but I am committed to at least trying it. The purpose is to see if the delta or the quad configuration is best suited for unimproved terrain.

GPS guidance is done and working well. Once I get the base determined I need to start on a weather proof electronics bay.

Anyone else on here have experience with quad or delta on unimproved terrain. These bases will weigh in at 100 lbs each without the mod packs. total weight estimates max at 240 lbs.

These are not meant to run around your living room. They live in the wild.

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@pacowang ... Where did you get that drive train? I am sitting here drooling... :D And we know Doombot is licking his computer screen right now...:P

Me want one....:)


@ Richard R It's a conglomeration of parts I had laying around and some mod's I'm making. I have a lot more welding to do on that front end. The more I get into this design the more skeptical I am. But am committed to getting it operational at least for testing.

Stay tuned, if it doesn't work out, that frame may find it's way to you. It's a lot of gas in those engines on the plane to air drop it into Canada though.


I thought I would put this link on here to my YouTube account. This is a long, lousy video of the very first test I did on the first base (only one I have at the moment). It's pretty quick and agile for a first go. I took that base and cut off the front. Welded on a more robust front-end. i am happy with it but determined to do the delta. Gotta try and fail until it gets there.


@pacowang Jebus Christ! That is RIDICULI! (That's plural for ridiculous:D)

I did something very similar to my Doombot...but yours is better! Johnny 5 drivetrain with wheels! Just put a scooter handle on that thing and ride it like a Segway! haha

Well done bro! I say cut some diamond plate and make a chassis cover out of that!



Thanks compadre. I sold my 8-ball so I need some wheels that's for sure. It's easier to get away from the cops on two wheels and sufficient speed.

I am more metal and functional. I know there will come a time to cover this thing. I really like your doombot base cover.

I would love to learn your layup technics for a base. If I had an unlimited supply of cash I would go for Kevlar.

Weight is going up fast on this thing. Battery life is a priority. I want 8 hour missions from it. When I get to the other property I have a old riding mower I plan to haul over here and test a gas engine bot. Shooting for July on that one. We'll see.


Why do you need Kevlar though? We can't get ballistic grade, unless you wanna hack a bunch of bullet proof vests. You can get kevlar and carbon fiber theyre about $40 a yard usually with a 50" width.

I can sketch up a base for you if you want. If you send me the measurements I can probably whip up some cardboard templates for you if you'd like. I love working on projects like these...

Oh btw if you're planning some grass/sand/outdoor terrain go with quad. More stable...this setup will give you a nice turning radius though...4 wheels tend to drag when turning...


@pacowang- That thing is a beautiful monster!


@Anthony Yeah dude I have those jazzy scooter motors for my other build, Doombot, remember? I actually got them from a link you posted on ebay...I think I got them for $80 a pair, I got 2 pairs...

That thing is huge...this smaller one I'm building for Dirgebot I'm using window motors which are already plenty powerful (9A), albeit not as heavy. You're right I love those scooter motors. They will rip right into anything if you're not careful LOL.

I got the idea from Lexi of course (the early years)...

Now I really want to unleash the Doombot! He's a secret for now, He's very military inspired, but he's dedicated exclusively as an R/C robot and not autonomous, because he's weaponized...:D

One of these days I'll build me a platform like these killer packbots...

User-inserted image


@ Antron007, Thank you. A lot of Red-Neck engineering to go.


@ Doombot, Agreed on the 3rd wheel being less stable. On the quad the turning does produce drag with 2WD. I plan to take the semi 4wd (chain linked to motors) and give 4 motors a go knowing it will shorten the battery life. All these trade offs. Hope to get the gas powered riding mower base operational by mid summer.

I may take you up on the base option you give. Actually I know I will.


@ Anthony, is that the cover for the wheel chair base that came on the scooter? If not how did you make that? From the picture it looks like injection molded plastic but seeing your 3D printing work I'm thinking you could have pulled that off somehow. I am highly impressed with your work.