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My first EZ-B Bot....but not my first bot...

The base is a Parallax BOE robot , the body is a LynxMotion torso kit, and the various brackets are from LynxMotion.

Still a work in progress.........

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Haha he's pretty cool. The distance sensor as eyes is awesome. He has a really intellegent look to him. Kind of know-it-all-ish. He should be Professor Shorty:)
Shorty is AWSOME! He has some real personality! Do you have any video of Shorty in action? I can't wait to see what you do next.
Great job!!!!!, It reminds me of this movie.....

User-inserted image

its just needs that big white mitten

anyone want to guess?
That's a cool bot....I have no idea what movie it would be from.

SHORTY is coming along fine, I'm making him talk and run around but like others I'm going to look into a longer range device for the link...I'm using my desktop right now to interface with SHORTY and it would be a little awkward to run around the house behind SHORTY carrying it.

I think Xbee's are better for me and also I think they were meant to be together.....EZ-B / XBee.:)
HeartBeeps is the movie?
DING DING DING..... you got it!!!!!... ha ha ha hoot hoot!!
I don't remember seeing it but that's Andy Kaufman & Bernadette Peters:)
not sure who or what the robot is:) LOL
"HeartBeeps!" Gawd. I love bad '80s movies... *sigh*

As for the smaller robot (via wikipedia) - "...They assemble a small robot, Phil, built out of spare parts, whom they treat as their child..."

I always loved the look of Phil. :D Took me forever to figure out where I'd first seen that robot before. Couldn't remember the name of the movie back then. Thank goodness for the Interweb!
Hmmm... @mcsdaver I guess you really had not much to do last night, LOL.... I mean digging up 2 year old threads in all.....:)
I wanted to look at other robots people were working on.
Looks like a number of robots have gone a while with no updates.
Hope everyone gets inspired and starts working again.
They can copy bits of code from others and add a ton of function as they learn more about the EZ software.