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I became interested in building a Robot after seeing a video of inmoov a Gael Langevin design. that uses a 3d printer to print a full size Humanoid robot. with supplied .stl files. I have constructed my own CNC machine and I purchased and have been using a 40Watt chinese laser cutter. so naturally I was interested in a 3D printer, but after printing a few nick nacks and dust collectors I saw very use in it, until I saw Inmoov, and I decided to just print inmoov's head, well you inmoov people know you can't stop there so everything is printed and I am starting on the stomach . I use a ez-robot controller and a Io tiny. I decided to call my Inmoov Bruce-e after the popular Wall-e robot. the entire robot is printed in PET G and I think this is the best it has no smell can be put into boiling water it virtually eliminates delamination and is stronger then ABS and prints like PLA .


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