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21dof 19 servos 7.4 volt 2000ma run time 1h

servo brackets $70
servos $200
ezbv4 $100
ezb camera $60
cheap as u can get for a robot with as much flexibility and strength as a commercial nao robot
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Wow unreal price to get a humanoid up and running. Impressive
That's a.... creatively inappropriate name for the robot.
how tall is the robot?
thanks for responses , to nomad18.08 the robot is about 35cm tall, arms extending 35cm. balance was my largest priority

video would be nice:)
If you want to find the servo brackets look up 17 dof biped robot kit on ebay and amazon they should stick out like a sore thumb because the demo picture looks pretty close to my robot. don't settle on the first ad you see the more u fish around the cheaper you can find them. There are also smaller 15 and 10dof etc. kits that only go for about $40. these kits are pretty shady all I know is they are from a factory in china, no instructions come with for assembly and they give you more screws and nut than you need. I recommend towardpro digital servos for this kit, they are on sale for $9.99 sometimes.
Did the name of this thread change?