Ez Robot Rover



Here is another of my projects.Will more info. User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image I have changed his head to a clear dome.Blue strip around neck is EL tape...New backpack with ezb, made from an alarm clock case. More updates to come. User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

And here some of my extended robot family.

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I found a brain for him! (of course, JK)

User-inserted image


oooh Cool emiglio, I wanted to try and use emiglio as a torso ontop of a omnibot 2000 at one time but i could never find one for a descent price. I ended up just extending the omni body. Do the emiglio arms already move?


I added servos to arm and wrist.Also torso rotates with heavy duty servo..2 micro servos for pan tilt.


wow that's real neat! Good mixture of using the rover with that shell! Also great work on his head with the visor. Overall that's a super neat ez-robot!

Looking forward to a video!


That's a nice looking robot ! Congratz ! I'd love to see some videos of it.


Yea definitely , a video would be awesome , I'm interested to see those arms move, they look great!


That head is going to be sweet! Awesome color for the eyes :)


Where did you get the dome from !? Excellent JOB !


This is one of my favorite looks for a bot. He is so round and it all works together.


The clear dome was purchased on Ebay.It is 8 inches in diameter. Dome is shipped on a plastic sheet 24x24 inches.You have to carefully cut it out with dremel tool.And thanks for positive feedback.It is one of my favorite robots.


yea man I love this robot I am gonna copy yours a bit but put my own spin on it if you dont mind I will show pics ;)


How did you make the head mechanism for your robot I am working on a similar robot kind of like it but I have been wondering how you made the mehanism for it?