Mr Freeze Costume Controlled By Android Phone Mobile App


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Hey guys I made it to dragoncon and last minute I finished up the App controlled Mt Freeze suite gear. I have hoses filled with blue coolant , leds on each hose. Filled with PC coolant. El wire in the gun wrapped around a piexe of pvc pip and also leds and fluid in the mask that all lights up on command. Here is a quick picture of the suite all together ,I will snap some of the back as well. The phone is on the chest of the suite.
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Costume test when first wired up!
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Gun has been weathered and assembled with Turnigy 3s 5000 mah battery to pass through a circuit to power the RF inverter for the EL wire. Black paint and hodge podge spray makes everything look rugged. I recommend it for any robot to make it look more realistic!
You should get some ointment for that poison ivy. I bet it itches.

Seriously though, Looks like great fun. I'm not surprised at what you cooked up here. I would have expected nothing less from such a talented guy. You look great and very ominus. *eek*
realy ince jstarne i like the phone in your chest it look like iron man

but i know your project frezze
That's friggin cool josh