Ez Dog (inmoov Frankendog Failure)


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Pretty much a failed experiment for many reasons, but I already have ideas on a new version....

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Ok, so the reason I feel it failed is because of a few issues...

1. inMoov servos move a way too slow
2. The servos are not as powerful as I expected them to be... Lots of creaking and cracking going on when it moves (too heavy for the servo's output)
3. Since the clavi servos (clavicle) can only move out word (picture a dog lifting his leg to pee) he can't turn on the spot. To turn EZ Dog would need a really big arch...

I had planned an arm like Boston Dynamic's Spot mini... but as mentioned he's already too heavy

Bottom line need to redesign... :D Time for version 2
3d print it a AT AT walker body and you have a winner ( any some snow speeders)
It is kinda cool, though. You put a few hours in for sure. The video didn't work. Video worked this time. Cool.
That's a success! No where do i see failure:D Love it!
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@RichardR. Great work and I like the idea of using some of InMoov’s design.

Definitely NOT a failure, and looks like you have put many hrs into this.

VERY impressive and can’t wait to see version 2.
Great job Richard. Looks like a job for some Dynamixel servos ,but quite expensive. Keep up the work never give up.
It is a better Quad than I have built! no failure, just your first version of a 4 legged Zoid beast!
I like it! I've been thinking of some like this as well since James Burton started working on his Open Dog.
I modified the Clavi joint awhile back for another project so it could move in and out. I'll look for the files if you are interested.
Maybe gears with less teeth could be used in the shoulder joint to speed up the movement of this joint. You'd lose a little torque but not that much.
Perhaps a joint in it's back could be added to turn it left and right - that's more how an animal turns. Maybe InMoov's stomach joint could be used.
Also, have you seen Aerius's elbow joint? www.thingiverse.com/thing:2778760. I built it and it's very strong with a smaller servo.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


Perhaps a joint in it's back could be added to turn it left and right - that's more how an animal turns.
I was just coming here to say that. You could significantly reduce the turning radius if it could bend in the middle or near the shoulders.

I like the quad concept. I had just been thinking about playing with building a small quad using EZ-Bits when you posted this.

I also think your Robot is not a failure, it is very good, and I also think I does need a waste joint. I was looking at Bob Houston's idea about using Aerius planetary elbow for inmoov. this looks very strong. I am thinking of printing this for my Inmoov. A question for
@Bob Houston who already built the Aerius inmoov elbow, How is the micro switch wired, is it a permanently open micro switch and just cuts the power to the servo when activated, or does it work some other way?
@nallycat I didn't put the micro switch in. The joint works fine without it, as you control the movement thru programming. I assume that it would be as you described and is there as a safe guard. Better to ask Aerius, as he developed it.
Very cool!
this guy has some interested video's about making a dog.

If anything, this is not a failure do to the name. The name Frankendog blows my mind! :D

Keep up the hard work and have fun with it. I had many, many prototypes when I developed my B9 Robot arms and am still working out better ways to make them move. Each failed generation is added to my "Hall Of Shame". LOL! :P
@Dave Schulpius: I think you mean Hall of $hame ;)
How could I miss this? It is great work, keep it up! Frankendog should dress up for Halloween!:D