Robot Sphere (but Call Me Rs)


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This the result of too much free time lately, the new project is a robot drawing a sphere, using the low-cost approach to the selection servos and other components, with a retractable arm that comes from inside through a gate and once inside collected no space and is also protected when not in use.:)
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This is an area of 28 cm in diameter (11 inches) of PVC, is a large Christmas ball, once cut in half I've noticed that need structural refurzos to hold its shape once installed all the electronics and mechanics. So I will use sections of an empty roll of wire for reinforcement.

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His appearance will approximate this when it's finished, although, I have not decided if his head is shaped like a sphere or other differently.
The base of the robot, where the engines, wheels and battery, joins the sphere for 3 aluminum tubes. At the front door opens and out the arm by a rail system.
The arm measured 25cm (about 10 inches) aprobechando almost the entire inner space of the sphere.

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This is the space occupied by the folding arm inside the sphere, will open a rectangular opening in the bottom half of the field to take his arm. The linear drive system to pull the arm off a headache interesting, although, I'm on it, and enjoy.

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love this build.

Do you have anything against me using your sphere as an example for my latest creation?

Rc car base, sphere body.
Technopro Sorry but I do not understand your question:
"Do you have anything against me using your sphere"
sorry, i was half asleep.

i meant to say "do you have anything against me using your idea, but doing some modifications?"
my idea:

this is a blueprint for A.R.I.S., or Artificial Robot Intelligence System. Will post project soon.
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Again your idea is awsome.
Thanks Technopro, I think your drawing helps to understand your words, I guess it is a regional expression that google translator can not overcome, if your robot is going to have a sphere will be willing to open your project post to comment or suggest .
ok thank.

Do you speak español? If i know i can put my posts in english and spanish. or what ever language you speak. this could help our comunication, with us both doing similar projects.
For me it would be much easier esribir in Spanish, but I think as I respect most who speak English, and we all understand it is best to stick with the English. Normally I have no trouble understanding the messages (with some exceptions)

i hope i didnt affend you in any way.

i will be working on my robot today so be watching for the project in project showcase.
Following progress on the project, the arm works better than I expected, has successfully raised objects 370 grams (13.05oz), more than estimated. The arm is pretty hard so I will make another arm of the same thickness of aluminum, but with better quality, more rivets and correct some misalignment.

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The speed of the servo (servo speed control) is 4 for elbow and wrist servos, servos speed 1 for the claw.
The independent power of the elbow and wrist servos is mandatory. The servo s8166m goes up to 2 amps of consumption when working with weight.

that is a really nice arm design. nice movement
United Kingdom
That poor sheep!..

That's looking really good!
Its looking really good! Good work. What servos are you using ? They seem unusually loud for a light load. Are they analog or digital position controlled? Again good work - Josh S
Very friendly all boys, smoothness arm is thanks to ServoSpeed , now I have to play around with "relative servo" to ensure a horizontal position of the claw to manipulate a glass of water without spilling.
List servos (all analog):
-elbow: Turnigy s8166m
-wirst: TowerPro MG995
-claw: Hextronix HXT900 (2 units)
Yep I too love round robots, nice job on the arm. My favorite round robot was Jinx from space camp.

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Precisely served me inspiration that robot, I saw the movie and thought the original design and although at first I thought of doing the robot with the legs and head with an extensible system, but besides that the price soared very high, I left no room for the boom, so I decided to do something more functional and less costly, greetings.:)
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[code][/code]Hi guys, Just an idea. I sometimes get lazy so I use something already available. How about using a Six for the legs instead of wheels?  Looking at the picture of Jinx gave me the idea. Just a lazy man idea.... 
Thanks for sharing the build. Cool arm and I'm looking forward to the next steps