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Hi everybody!
I want to tell you that the last week in Quito - Ecuador, we had 5 days of a technology party called "Campus Party" and I showed my creation R2D2 integrated with Kinect!
It was amazing, a lot of people ask me how.. and I said everybody can make robots! it easy, and is more easy with Ezb:) (I think Dj that the next month or this month you will have some pre-orders for Ecuador)
Here some pics of 5 amazing days of party with 5GB of Internet:)

Me and my robot!:) (sorry for my face.. there in Campus party anyone sleep... I had only slept for 10 hours in five days)
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Here with Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari!

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Talking about my project with ezb with the mayor of my city!
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Thanks to this community:)
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That's amazing! Keep the pictures coming:)
What fun! Do you have any videos of yourR2 operating with the kinect?
Mpravo edison2:)
Now get some rest *sleep*
Hi Thank everybody! Now is time too watch EZB on National TV! In my country!

Watch Ez-b here! (You can watch everything on the video or you can watch at minute 1:45)

@dschulpius The next week:D

@Jason Zeiler Better a video?
I have no idea what is going on here but I love looking at the two news girls! Looks like they had a little trouble with the Speech Recognition. Thanks for sharing!
@ Edison2 that report and interview is awesome, hope you have luck with your future income at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and very sympathetic the girls too.
Arriba compañero!;)
One of muy objetives is show the people of my country that everybody can do what they love because today we have the tools to do it ... I al improving the speech recognition .. @dschulpius

@R2D2 Jaja they were nice with me and arturito... Es genial escuchar un poco de español por aquí..:D