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Isn'T It About Time For Another Update?

Is it not about time for another Update? How about specifics like: We had a total of 6500 orders. We are on order# 4200. etc. Without Updates, waiting is getting old.

Thanks, Mel


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July isn't over yet... We had some updates recently which said that everything is going as planned. There were still a few parts that needed tweaking but other than that everything was OK. Manufacturing has been going as planned and expected. Shipping of revolution robots should start at the end of July, all orders should be cleared by the end of August.

The updates have been coming:)


I'm kinda with Mel on this one. I'd like to know how far along they are with order fulfillment to date.


I agree with Mel and Jaultman .. I would like to hear a statement saying all is going as planed. If i do not hear anything , then i would expect order to be shipped in the next 9 days.

if there is going to be a delay i would like to hear it sooner than on the 31st of the month.

This would be good. But I'm afraid , if we hear nothing and at the last minute they come out and say its been delayed again , I would have to cancel my 2 orders just out of business principal alone.


I have to say that I am surprised about how quiet it is here on the forum... Few if any questions are being asked about setting up or using the new V4... Despite the fact that EZ Robot says the boards and developer kits have been shipping since June... I figured by now there would be a flurry of activity on the forum as people begin receiving their kits...


I thought the same, which lead me to wonder how many have actually gone out.


So when they say by the end of July do they mean the last week of July or the last day?


The very last day of July is a Thursday so it could be the last day not the last week.


I'm a long-time lurker, who has been patiently waiting for my EZ-B V4 controller + camera order from ~ October 2013. My wife purchased these items for my birthday and we often laughed at the constant delays, but it's beyond a joke now.

Like many others, I have been disappointed about the constant delays and lack of evidence of a "ready" product (apart from what appears to be some box loads of plastic housings). We have been assured time and time again that the product would be shipped no later than in July and it is clearly apparent that this will also lapse.

It's not good enough, and unprofessional.



I think just a little Update would help.


Good morning. I myself also would like to know what is going on? I have been waiting patiently and as of right now my robot is still sitting lifeless and drawing dust, I believe it is time to see or hear something and I don't mean another delay. I ordered the V4 kit and some other pieces and from what we have been told, some movement in shipping should be seen, I would think by now. I am seriously loosing interest and wondering if I am wasting time waiting and hoping, people keep asking me about my robot build, I just tell them I might be in a dreamworld. Next week is the end of July 2014, so no more excuses or delays, either start shipping and no more smoking mirrors, this is a robotic revolution I thought, no more talking and showing videos. I am tired of the happy go lucky talk an hype, we have been on the back burner long enough.


I am sure that you will hear something very soon about this. I think that making a drastic decision and cancelling your order at this point would only further delay when you will get the item because you would probably be placing another order when you see all of the others receiving their items.

I think that the team is pretty busy managing many different aspects of this huge deployment of technology. It takes only one bump in the road to delay and that bump could be caused by many different companies at this point, including the postal services all around the world, along with customs in many different countries around the world. I think that it is wise for EZ-Robot to wait to make a statement until they are comfortable being able to make a statement based on fact and not speculation. With that said, I understand the frustration and we need to remember that EZ-Robot is working as hard as they can to coordinate logistics from many different countries and many different companies. This is not an easy thing to do at all. I am sure that nobody on the planet wants to see these shipped as bad as the employees at EZ-Robot.

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At the end of the day, complaining about it cannot change anything. The delays are due to the molding process which is undertaken in China (in order for it to be affordable).

There is evidence of a product which exists since the first 100 or so EZ-Bs had shipped weeks ago and some of us are lucky enough to be using them. I can assure you that the product exists and is worth the wait.

I can understand the frustration, I'm eager to get hold of my six however we were told that the end of July is looking likely to be when they begin shipping, we have a week left before the end of July. I am sure, in the mean time, if there are problems they will let us know. I am sure they will provide an update soon.

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Hi all,

i had an a very disturbing email today stating that my order had been cancelled, "luckily" this was the Bonus they gave us for our patience.

i have emailed and asked for confirmation as to what is happening.

i am order number 3777 for a dev kit, so like you all i would have thought we would have had confirmation by now.

9 days and counting:)



I actually was not trying to start a war or complain. I have been waiting since OCT of last year. 9 months. I would just like to know where my order is in the process. I have 200% belief in D.J. and his team and I know they will come through for us. So, this is not a complaint! Just a request.



No disrespect intended, and I am as anxious as anyone and hoping for a shipping notice or update soon myself, but every time anyone posts a question asking for an update, it starts this kind of back and forth and a bunch of complaints and someone threatening to cancel their order, etc.... It usually takes EZ-Robot a couple of days to respond so sometimes the conversation gets nasty.

I would suggest if you have a question about when your order is expected to ship, you use the Contact Us link rather than posting a public question if you don't want to start this conversation.

Alternately, phrase the post title very clearly like:

"Can we get a shipping update please".

When I first saw your post, I actually thought you were asking when the next software update for ARC would be so I didn't even look at it for a day myself. If EZ-Robot interpreted it the same way, then the team would probably have waited for DJ to respond, where working it specifically about shipping, there are several team members who can provide updates.



i think we all get overexcited the nearer the date come. we are no robots al do we think some times we are. we are just GREAT HUMANS.


Hey everyone! We are indeed shipping these orders already! It has been very busy around here as we have been working hard organizing all the pieces. If you have questions about your orders, please email us at

This way we can accurately answer questions about specific orders without users causing each other to panic with mixed answers:) For example, @mgodsell1973 we were combining your orders in preparation for shipping your order. If you check your current orders, you will see all items are still in your current order.

As mentioned in the past, we started shipping Developer Kits at the end of June and will start shipping Revolution Robots at the end of July. To clarify, that does not mean every Revolution order will be boxed up and in the mail by then. It means some orders will be in the mail, with more and more each day moving out from the factory. To provide a bit more info, Six orders will start shipping first, followed by JD and then Roli. This was the order they were finished moulding, and the amount of manual labour it takes to assemble them:)

As new users join our forums everyday, it would be easier if shipping questions could be channelled directly to us so we can respond in a timely and organized fashion. Sometimes group "he said she said" can spiral out of control before we even wake up the next day haha.


Hey, Jason. Glad for you to pop in. I was thinking if a person knew there order number and you where shipping them in order that it was received. The you could just post the Highest number that you shipped and we would get an idea of when we would get our order.

Thanks for the Update.

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Thanks Jason, Alison has just emailed me to clarify the situation. I would like to second @MovieMaker's idea, this way we all can get excited, not just for ourselves but our EZ-B buddies :-):D


@mgodsell1973 Glad I was able to clarify! :)


It's a pretty exciting time - I don't blame you guys for getting impatient or excited to receive your robots. I want to see everyone posting the cool stuff they did with their Six or JD or Roli ASAP:D It will be soon!


@mgodsell1973 and @moviemaker Unfortunately this is not always the case. Some orders have small issues with them so we have to contact the customer, and get the issues corrected (sometimes shipping address is incorrect, or some strange issue occurs). As well, all orders made along with Revolution Robots and plastics are being shipped at a different rate. The highest priority are orders for just Developer Kits (almost done). 2nd is for Developer Kits and accessories (not containing injection molded plastics other than EZ-B and Power Base). 3rd are EZ-B's and accessories, and then onto Revolution Robots. Most of these stages are overlapping so multiple order numbers are shipping, despite being in different order from when they were made.

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Apologies for the schoolboy error of spelling your name wrong @Aislinn blush


@mgodsell1973 Not to worry! I am pretty used to it, and I find it secretly interesting to see how different people interpret my name when they see it! ;)


Next time, I will try to word it in a different way. I LOVE you guys!


Good to get another update .....

Thanks for chiming in @Jason.

I have emailed Customer Support just to see if I could have my email addy added to our son @Rangatron's order - don't want to miss any updates or "shipping" details.


We are also getting concerned about another shipping delay.

We're scheduled to present 3d printing and robotics at this December's Robot Conference: We were anticipating having the Revolution Six with enough time to develop this presentation.

We will be investigating refund options if there is yet another delay announced in the coming week. There are other robotic platforms on the market now that can be shipped tomorrow and we need to get started with our prep.

Is there any public and transparent shipping information available? I can't find evidence of any substantial # of EZ Robots shipping.

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@Forge, I can't see why you would be concerned about another delay when EZ-Robot have explained that Revolution robots will begin shipping at the end of July. This was posted last week, it is not yet the end of July and there have been no announcements which give any cause for concern over further delays.

If you have any concerns it has been recommended that you contact EZ-Robot at where I am sure they will respond to any concerns you may be having.

You cannot find evidence of any robots shipping because they haven't started shipping yet. There have, however, been developer kits and EZ-B V4s shipping including an initial batch hand built in Canada and shipped to the first 100 or so who ordered the EZ-B V4.

Once shipping of the robots begins I am sure there will be posts in the forums regarding this from the customers who are first in line for receiving their orders. I wouldn't be at all surprised if EZ-Robot provide an announcement video stating that the long awaited robots have begun shipping.

A little more patience is required, we are almost there but not quite yet.:)


Thanks for the reply, Rich.

I have a paypal account that we can wager $ (USD) that they won't start shipping by Thursday.

I am confident enough that the Revolution will have another delay that I am willing to bet my $ on it. Are you willing to bet your $ on a company with a track record of perpetual delays?

After reading through the forums it appears that several other people have been waiting almost a year and that I'm not alone in wanting my $ back.

$50 USD if they don't provide tracking numbers for shipping by Friday?

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You will find that their track record goes back a lot further than the revolution robots and the V4 boards. Each delay has been clearly explained in detail.

Just FYI;

User-inserted image

This was for the V4 and camera...

as promised, shipped 05/05/2014

I'm confident that they wont announce further delays but keep hold of your $50;)

It's been mentioned that Six is all approved and being manufactured, JD had a few small modifications to be made but will roll out shortly after Six and Roli will be the last to roll out. Nothing anywhere gives me cause for concern that the Six robots will not begin shipping this week or next at the very latest if anything does crop up.


I think EZ-Robot should be immensely happy that they have such a loyal and patient customer base. They have done a really good job in developing this good will. I sincerely hope that they do not waste it.

I have only been waiting since early June but already my enthusiasm is beginning to wane.

Good luck with fulfilling the orders by the end of July!


:) We are all super happy that our community is patient and loyal. After all, this is the product they asked for and helped define.

Keep in mind that if you have any concerns, please Contact Us and we will provide a full refund immediately without hesitation.:D

Just to clarify, our delays have not been due to limited technical abilities of the EZ-Robot Revolution design... Our delays have been to ensure the quality of the product is 100% for your money. We have had injection molded parts in our office for months - but if we sent them to you, you wouldn't have been happy.


Dear DJ,

Thanks for taking the time to provide a very good response ... this is much appreciated.




I'm reading and not seeing a new ship date so I'm assuming all back order will be shipped in the next few weeks?


You know what, I've said it before and I'll say it again. Patience is a virtue. Perfection takes time. I am a loyal customer who ordered my v4 last november. But, you wont see me complaining because i know it will be worth the wait. It kills me to see some of you out here losing faith in DJ and his crew. Its even worse to see people openly sowing the seeds of discontent out here on the forum. its kinda childish and makes me believe that you havent already taken your complaint to customer service first. This forum is for the aid of the community, not for bashing the company. We're lucky to have it. We'll lose it if the bashing continues. Youll be so sad when you see me doing awesome things with my v4 while you're wishing you hadnt cancelled your order. Theres not another board out there that can do so much for the money while still being ridiculously easy to use. Totally worth the wait.


"You will all be sorry when I'm playing with my toy and you don't have one"

Kenny....THAT sounded childish.

"Bashing the company? We might lose it?"

Its a forum right? Not the church of ezb? They still exchange this amazing product for money, Right?

And so what if people are irritated. I'm sure hearing the good AND the bad is helping the company.

A few of us have been here a bit longer than some. And saw this company go from an awesome product to a stand still.

That is all. Nothing more. Nothing less.


Thanks, Kenny.

I'd like to emphasize that there is a need for potential customers to be informed about the lack of shipments taking place so that they aren't mislead like we were. When the only way to communicate is via a means with a lack of transparency - then these forums are to be used for communicating good - and bad - news. Frankly, there should be a column specifically for shipping updates since most of the "goods" listed on this site are in a preorder status without shipments occurring.

When you emphasize things like, "patience is a virtue," it's like blaming the victim in an abusive relationship. Accountability is a virtue. Keeping your word is a virtue. There are several virtues that this company I'm so lucky to have take my money could - and should - be displaying.

If this ships (as promised) by the end of July - as promised - I will be the first to herald and promote the EZ Robot. This all be water under the bridge. But what if it doesn't? Are we really expected to stand by in a perpetual holding pattern?

But seriously, what's going on and can everything be shipped without the injection molded plastic (the stls are online) and those shipped later? If there are problems that can be solved with the communities input then I think it's fair to pursue that since the July 31st shipping date isn't going to be met.


I certainly was not intentionally sowing any seeds of discontent. All I was looking for was something along the lines of the example below (to alleviate my anxiety since I'm naturally anxious and impatient):

Developer kits - Currently shipping - ##% complete fulfilling backorders

Six orders - Shipping started mm/dd/yy

JD orders - Currently scheduled to begin mm/dd/yy

Roli orders - Currently scheduled to begin mm/dd/yy

We didn't get anything like that so I moved on to impatiently waiting. I have been waiting for well over a year for this thing, telling myself it's going to be great and worth it. I can't speak for anyone else but the closer it gets to shipping time, the harder it is to wait.


Thanks Forge, we have taken pride in our updates - specifically since most of our updates are even in video format! Where we speak directly to our customers over video... I don't know of any other company who does that, so let's not forget our initiative and sincerity:)

As for shipping - yesterday we are still on track to begin this Thursday as planned. We would only have an update if there was news of a delay. Because our last update stated end of July for developer kits and August for revolution robots, we are still on target. The need for an update would only be if there was a delay.

So, in summary... Everything is on target as stated by Jason and myself in this thread.:)

Jason and myself have both responded on behalf of the shipping dates still valid - I'm not quite sure what else you would like to know? My favorite color is white and my backup color is Blue. I have a backup because most people think white isn't a color...

Again, the delays are not related to technical challenges or difficulties with the product. The delays have been due to injection mold tolerances not meeting our requirements. The Revolution product is dependent on parts "clipping together" and therefore the tolerances are ultra important. Speaking to a community of robot builders like yourselves, I do not need to stress how important tolerances of connections are:)

We have been receiving plastic components from our manufacturing facility for months. The molds require slight modifications to each part for perfect fitment.

If you think of a laptop, phone, plastic toy, etc.. There may only be 2 or 8 cavities for the entire product. EZ-Robot Revolution has 18 molds and over 60 cavities. That is an insane amount and we have been pushing the limits of manufacturing facilities.

Did you think we were kidding when we claimed to be revolutionizing robotics?;) No one else has attempted this feat! Welcome to EZ-Robot!

We appreciate your support and belief in our product capabilities. Without your pre-orders we would have had to sell a large percentage of the company to investors - which would have prevented us from creating the product with our feature requirements. The past delays have been explained and there is no sign of further delay.:)


Ya I also believe in the product. I just want to be part of the loop. If the July deadline can not be reached then just tell me the next projected date. As soon as ez-robot has notice of a delay they should announce that delay before threads are started by the customer. Not looking for refund just peace of mind and inclusion.

Thanks for the updates.


DJ , you were typing at the same time as I was.
Thank you for the update..

and I'm glad to hear everything is still on time. some how I was not getting that in the messages before. Thanks again .:) looking forward to the platform.


Hypothetically, if shipping starts, is there going to be a transparent way to see what number we are in queue or even a solid deadline for when our paid for kits should arrive?


they all type fast here hahaha. i have a good feeling how things going.

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Hypothetically? You have a response directed at you from the CEO, there are multiple previous responses from EZ-Robot staff. All which do not give any reason to doubt shipping will begin when they said it will.

As previously stated by Jason, the orders for the Six robots will begin shipping first, then JD and then Roli. Therefore it is not a case of orders being dispatched just by order number.

As always, you will be notified when your order is shipped, as is always the case with buying anything from EZ-Robot.


There are a few more details associated with Jason's message regarding the order of shipments. For example, each order is queued by availability of parts. The availability of parts are not limited to revolution robots, but also motor controllers, cameras, etc..

What I am saying is that if we were to process each order one at a time, it would be very inefficient and take weeks. Instead, the orders are grouped by similarity and availability.

Other than receiving an automated update that your order has been shipped, there is no method built into our process to notify you of the position in the queue. That in itself would be a large amount of work which would delay shipping. I believe this topic is specifically regarding no more delays:) So let us get snap'n and start ship'n!

No one commented on my favorite color being white - I suspect you all agree that white is a color, right? Thanks!:D

United Kingdom

If white isn't a colour what is it? Since white is made from a combination of all colours in the spectrum it has to be a colour.. Black on the other hand is a lack of colour however I would consider it as a colour as I consider 0 as a number:)


It's great to hear the updates from DJ and the others at EZ-Robot.

What struck me as funny was a few posts back the phrase "church of ezb". It sounds like the way our robots should connect to the cloud for software updates and what not. Somebody better copyright that! :)

Speaking of white though, does anyone know or as anyone asked how paintable the new parts will be? My favorite color is black. :D

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Should be paintable, as is anything. I intend on painting mine too (eventually). A lot of paints are now water based rather than solvent based too which means it should work on plastic without a problem.

Lay down the plastic primer first (check on an inconspicuous area first to make sure it works) Paint the colour you want Add any details Clear coat it with 2 or 3 layers (or if like me on the guitar I just clear coated, 12 coats...) Leave for a couple of weeks Wet sand, polish and buff


Wow, talk about straying off topic. I didnt name anybody in particular in my last post, so if i struck a nerve, maybe its time to re-evaluate. I dont even know if i wanna respond anymore when it means getting attacked by a hoolagen who misquotes me. All i was trying to say was dont delay yourself further by backing out when we're this close to shipping dates. Never once called it a toy.


@Kenny I'm sure some of the message was misinterpreted:) I can't see anyone on our community having issues with anything. We get along well!


@Dj, totally understand. Usually everybody gets along great here. Thats the whole point. Thats why it sickens me to see some people have so little faith in the company. So next time i see a post questioning shipping updates, i'm just gonna skip on past. I'll stick to contributing instead. Cant wait to have a v4 in my hands.


:) I like that everyone stands up for us because they believe in us. That does help let us focus on the development, manufacturing and now shipping... I assume every post (positive or negative) is a reflection of their excitement. When I offer to provide full refunds and people still wait for their shipment, they are also believers.

Realistically, I would be a pretty big pain in the arse if I was on your side of the fence! I get really excited and sometimes it hurts when i'm let down. Our delays may have let down some people, but they have stuck through with their orders. For that, they're awesome:)

In short, i'm okay with a little frustration because it validates the excitement to get their hands on our creation.

And remember, this creation is a compilation of everyone's input and feedback!


dj just a question.would you widraw yourself if you have to wait for longer period? if you where standing on the other side off the fence?


I wouldn't withdraw myself, but I would be very eager and excited for answers:)

You haven't had a chance to play with the Revolution robots yet - they're sooooooo much fun! I geuss i'm a little biased because I get first hand experience with their awesomeness:D


D.J. This is something I did not catch earlier. In this case No News is Good News. It simply means there is no delay. And that is good News.

Thanks for the Update.


"Youll be so sad when you see me doing awesome things with my v4 while you're wishing you hadnt cancelled your order."



Much better. Thank you for quoting what i actually said. Shake your head all ya want, i made my point, then i took it too far. Really wish i hadnt. Totally done with this convo.


you have in you or you dont

dj you have truly leaderchip,thats makes it all so facinating.

kenny nice to meet you.i allreddy like you.

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Hi guys,

I've been keeping away from the site for a long time to avoid the frustration and basically tried to just forget about the orders I placed and put the out of mind. I thought I would check back in as it had been a very long time and the last I had been to was that the orders were shipping in July. It seems that that later changed to "starting to ship". I guess I may have missed an update but can't see one. I have ordered ez4, cameras, JD eyes, a full Roli and some other bits. It's been over 7-8 months since the order was placed with a 6 week pre order delivery date.

Please can someone let me know if there have been any updates that I have missed? I did get an email a month ago stating that they couldn't fulfil my original order due to it containing an original Roli and that the revised Roli (with arms could be shipped at an additional cost instead). As the email said that my order was being prepared for shipment I agreed and paid for the update immediately to ensure The issue didn't cause any further delays. The money was paid in full but it looks like it wasn't being shipped after all?




No update that you missed! Roli to be shipped late in month! That is holding up your order, just like mine! So no news...



DJ has stated that Roli will begin shipping at the end of this month (Aug)....

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Shipping has begun but so far only developer kits seem to have been shipped (that we know of).

Six will be the first of the robots to be ready for shipping so those should ship first. Then JD and lastly Roli. Any orders with parts or robots which aren't ready for shipping will be held back due to that.

The last news on it was that shipping of all robots and parts should start in August. No news is good news as it means that there are no further unexpected delays.

Depending on when the order was placed will determine when the order ships. If you got in early you should get your order earlier.

The 6 week pre-order delivery date was estimated and it was prior to knowing the amount of work required for the injection molding of the robots, this has been explained and is the cause for the long delays. Almost immediately after the delays were announced the 6 week estimated shipping time was changed. The news of the delays was also emailed to all customers and the option of cancelling orders has always remained possible.

To be blunt, it's really a case of waiting until they are ready without complaining about it (since that wont achieve anything) or cancelling the order and possibly reordering once everything is ready for shipping and the backlog of orders cleared.

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I think it's best for me to email direct and ask for a shipping date, as I've had too many false hopes led by statements in the past along the lines of "will start shipping in....." It may mean some get shipped then - as per the previous "we will be shipping from July announcement" - unfortunately it doesn't indicate when they will ship my specific order - it could be any time after that date - it's more of a "we won't ship yours before......" announcement lol.



We're all in the same boat.... I have orders outstanding from Sept 2013 that still have not shipped.... complaining won't speed up my/our orders....

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Hey Richard,

Not complaining ..... Just curious as to what's happening - I gave up on complaining months ago. In fact I gave up on everything to do with the idea months ago and stopped even reading the forums as it was getting me nowhere lol.

It was more that I want to know when it's happening now - it must be close so EZ must have an idea.

Best wishes,



Is it August yet?

Has any Roli orders received emails yet?

Requesting information or updates is not the same as complaining - is it?


Taken from another post in these forums in the last 24 hours.

"As we have shared on the Community Forum, we have already shipped all of the Developer Kits orders (orders that did not include Revolution Robots) to our customers around the world (this batch reached 19 countries in 6 Continents), and began shipping Hexapod orders last week. We are beginning to ship Humanoid (JD) orders at the end of this week and should have tracking numbers for all JD customers shortly after. Following this week, we will be shipping Roli's the week after (requires the most assembly work so it will be done last).

There have been many small updates as info comes to us daily and we have been sharing most of it daily on the EZ-Robot Community forum (instead of through emails), while also answering as many questions as we can. If you are unsure or worried about your order, I can assure you it is almost complete and both of your orders will be bundled and shipped together (using Free Shipping). With that being said, we do not want to make you feel as though you were locked into a bad situation, and can refund you without delay if that was of interest. If you would like a refund, please let Aislinn know via the email I sent you (contains the same info as this message) and we can do that right away.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions and we will do our best to respond quickly and build your confidence in our product.



just wanted to make sure you saw the latest information that has been provided.