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Resolved Resolved by ptp!

Hbridge And 10K Precision Pot For Feedback

I want to use a precision 10k pot for positioning feedback for hbridge control.  

For my R2 I'm adding lifts for the periscope, radar and zapper but im unsure how to wire it for the ADC.
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Im using a bourns pot, i understand pin 2 goes to the white pin of my adc port, for the reading, where do i get the power from for pin 1?  I have 5 volts running the exb because that's the max my micro servos can take and i have 12v running into the hbridge for motor power.

Ive been looking through a lot of posts, and cant find reference to this, just not to get the power from the adc port.

This is a second ezb4 that will only be controlling 4 dc motors for lift, 4 micro servos for spinning the stuff, an led for the zapper and a 3v air pump for smoke.

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I'll have to test the wires one at a time for the servo, there are only two so should be easy.

As for power, I'm only running 5v into the ezb and I have 12v only going to the hbridge.
Hi, I just used with Ez-Builder, IO tiny, Ez-Robot battery, the H-Bridge PWM control with a tank chassis works well, forward, backward, left, right

Here are my settings:

4 Wiring
Connect L298 VCC to either your battery supply positive or EZ-B power (red) on pin D0
2) Connect L298 GND to either your battery supply positive or EZ-B power (gnd) on pin D0
3) Connect L298 IN1 to EZ-B Signal Pin D0 (white)
4) Connect L298 IN2 to EZ-B Signal Pin D1 (white)
5) Connect L298 IN3 to EZ-B Signal Pin D2 (white)
6) Connect L298 IN4 to EZ-B Signal Pin D3 (white)
7) Connect L298 ENA to EZ-B Signal Pin D4 (white)
7) Connect L298 ENB to EZ-B Signal Pin D5 (white)
9) Connect L298 OUT1 to Motor 1
10) Connect L298 OUT2 to Motor 2

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Thanks, I need feedback because I'm not using it for movement, but as a multi turn or sail winch servo, it's just those servos are too large for the room I have.   But checking the wires, I must have damaged the PCB board, one direction for the motor isn't working.
I found the problem, the pulley on my pot is smooth causing the belt to slip, so I'm not getting any changes.  I'm off to the printer to print them again, with teeth for the belt to grab.
awesome! I’m super glad to see someone implement my hbridge servo pcb combo:)  

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I keep telling everyone, ez-robot, EZ-Builder make everything "easy".

more  h-bridge activity today  -:) 

working 2  car chassis now

both cars are on the road already - cheers!