Live Robot Hack Session
DJ Sures

DJ's K8 Intel Realsense & Navigation

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We're going to play with the new robot that I have been re-building. Added the Rock Pi/x, Intel Realsense T265 & D435i, and the Sabertooth with Kangaroo. We can play around with navigating waypoints and checking out the new renderer. It'll be the first real test that I'll have with this robot, the new ARC build, and updated robot skills.


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we got a copyright claim on that live hack with the movies and music LOL

I'll edit and remove all the chatter near the end anyway :D

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Watching it now! Edit: wrong thread...should be in the last live hack


Oh no way,LoL! Was a great hack night. I ended up going to the hospital in the morning,here all day and overnight.Suffering from another baby toe infection, soon I will only have 8 toes left. AS LONG AS I can still drive my performance car,that's all I ask

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Fore warning, if you go to a city hospital for any reason they will keep asking if you had a covid test,just say yes because to be admitted for a few days they won't ask you ,they sneak up behind you when you are looking the other way and a nurse will ram this 12 inch rod up your nose to get covid test without your permission.

Edit due to length unrelated and too long,lol!