Live Robot Hack Session
DJ Sures

DJ's 7th Live Hack (NeoPixel, Arduino, Raspberry Pi EZBPi Server)

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Today's live hack, we'll play with the Arduino and see if we can get it to control NeoPixels by using the existing NeoPixel Blaster control. Then, there's the new EZBPi Server for the Raspberry Pi - we should check that out for sure! We'll always talk about other things as well, like the development of Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi.


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Looking forward to this one!


Both of course! But I am partial to neopixels ;)


Its 2am over I will have to watch the recorded version!! Good night y'all!!! :D


I'm interested in EZBPi, since my Raiko project is planned to use a raspberry pi.

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Hahaha, I really tried to stay awake...but fell asleep with the phone in my hand!! It was something like 4am over here!!! :D

Great live hack!! It is so convenient to do the whole setup live with you...hearing you commenting on all the steps is a great addon to understanding how this all works!! I needed to Download the Beta version of ARC to connect from my Windows PC, so if anyone tries to setup and gets an Error message on Windows, make sure to install the Beta version of ARC!! And of course also the latest release of ARCPi...

Also for whatever reason, I need to run sudo mono ARC.exe to connect, might help someone being stuck!! :)

But now I got it all up and running, and I guess get some Dynamixel Servos now to see how things work!! :D

And would be so great if the Adafruit 16-Channel 12-bit PWM/Servo Driver would be integrated in a future update, so I can drive my robot on ARC without changing the setup!!

I am very happy about this!! This is GREAT!!!:D:D :D

Another thing that came to my mind is, since there is the ARCPi server running on the Raspberry Pi  would be great to get the camera broadcast to Unity! I am at work now and I had no chance to check if it is possible, but I will do so once home! This could be a good start to retrieve the app for ARC that we started building a while ago!! :)


DJ, I finally got to watch this one and I love the end when you were whiteboarding and teaching.  Thank you for what you've built here for all us to use and build upon, share, and learn from!  It really is incredible and unlike any other software or community!!


I started catching up on my Friday night live hacking sessions. I just wish had an opportunity to watch them live, but the archived sessions are great.

I've wanted to add neopixels or some sort of LEDs to my upcoming project and thought this would be a great thing to watch. But, although you were able to get the neopixel working on the EZB, you used the neoblaster to connect it to the EZB. I checked the EzRobot website and it appears that product is not available. Is there another way to connect a neopixel to an EZB?

BTW - I made sure to subscribe to the Youtube channel.

Many thanks.


Hello @ggr_scott

There's couple options out there:

  1. Build from the source-available design for the Neopixel Blaster:

  2. Use an Arduino to generate the neopixel LED signal and trigger the sequences from a Raspi or EZ-Bv4 with UART or I2C communication.

Thanks for subscribing!


Thanks Jeremie.

I was looking for something a little more plug n play. So, since I'm a tax attorney and not technically inclined, building my own blaster is out, at least for know.

I'll keep looking.



Scott, take a look at Adafruit and see if they have a neopixel controller. If they do, we can always make a skill control for it so it works in ARC. Let us know what you find


Thanks DJ.

I'll have a better idea of what lights I'll need for my project once I sketch out what my boys actually want to create / hack.


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Looks like there some more Neopixel discussion over here! :D


Just watched this video, what can I say, Ez- Robot wins again


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lol You guys are so cool I smile every time I watch one of your vids. Wish I got into this tech yrs ago. Keep up the good work mate.

Cant wait to see addressable LEDs on Iotiny and EZ-Bv4