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I Am Getting A No Internet

I am getting a no internet message on ARC Mobile, despite following the procedure on The Robot Program 025. I am connected to the EZB-v4/2 in my Adventure Bot but when I try to get the Remote Control it doesnt happen. I do get internet on my phone through my WiFi network (I dont have a data plan on that phone). My PC has an Ethernet connection to...
I Created A Remote Interface O

I Created A Remote Interface O

I created a remote interface on my PC and saved it to EZ-Cloud AppStore, and I can recall it successfully and control my Battle Bot with it on the PC.  I then...

The Mobile App Freezes Up In A Please Wait Screen After An Apparent Bluetooth Co

I am using the app for the first time. I have a V3 board on my robot. No other Bluetooth devices are active. My phone sees EZ-Robot Bluetooth and successfully pairs with it. When I download my project from the cloud, tap the Connect window, select EZ-Robot Bluetooth on the WiFi/Bluetooth screen that appears, and tap the Connect button on that...

Ez-B Reporting Wrong Firmware

I am using the V3 board with latest firmware and also using the latest ARC software. Windows shows EZ-Robot on COM5 and that is the port I selected from the connection list in EZ-B. Windows also shows my Generic Bluetooth Radio. When EZ-B fires up, the first screen says I have Firmware V16.6 and software version 2014.5.29.00, and then the second...

Having Trouble Getting Started With Http Server

I have followed the HTTP Server Tutorial. I loaded my project, added the HTTP Server control, viewed the three IP addresses that came up, used Microsoft Help to verify that the first address is my PC containing ARC, loaded that address in my iPads Safari browser, and tapped Go. The browser searched and searched but finally said it could not open...

Speech Recognition With Http Server?

The ability to display and control ARC (which is in a PC) using the internet and an iPad, etc, is really impressive. However, I searched and found no mention of remote speech control in that manner. Nor can I perform it on my iPad. If I have missed something please let me know. I guess I could do it with two walkie-talkies, one in one room and the...

Using Bluesmirf Gold Modem In Ez-B

I was playing with Arduino Uno and tried to use my BlueSMiRF Gold Class1 Bluetooth modem. I finally found that the modem wants to communicate with the PC/Terminal at its default 115200 baud rate. But it can communicate with Uno at other rates, say 9600 baud. And this required sending a command to the modem, which I learned how to do. The modem...

Usb-Ttl Serial Cable Connection Question

I bought a Roving Networks USB-5V Serial UART cable (RN-SRL-FTD5V-CLR) from Mouser Electronics, and added a header to it for TX, RX, Gnd connection to EZ-B. And yes, I am connecting Cable Tx to EZ-B Rx and Cable Rx to EZ-B Tx. The connection to my desktop PC was plug play. The device manager shows the Cable in Com 8 with 9600 baud rate, 8 data...

Ez-B Tx/Rx Pulse Level

Is the Tx output 5V? Is the Rx input 3.3-5V compatible?

Need A Screw To Hold The Kit Wheel On The Kit Servo

I have tried to shim the wheel but it keeps coming off. I could glue it on but I didnt want to gum up the servo. I need a screw greater than 0.75 in (19 mm) and less than 1.0 inch (25 mm). I cant find any longer than 8 mm. A common servo thread size is M2.5 but I dont really know what I need. Anyone know where to find such a screw (or have another...

Screen Display Chopped Off On Top

All of a sudden when I open my project file the top part of the screen display is missing. The vertical slider bar can not bring it into view. However if I click on an older file it comes up OK. I have restarted ARC and Windows 7 to no avail. I just downloaded the latest ARC version and it was working fine until just now. Any suggestions?

If Statement With And

If I define $Day and $Hour in your example: $Day = 2 $Hour = 3 If ($Day = 2 AND $Hour = 3) Print(Hello) EndIf I get an error message: Invalid token in expression [AND] Am I doing something wrong?

Voice-Command Tracking Color?

I have my first robot going. It has voice control and on command it homes on a switchable RGB LED target. I intend to make individual Red, Green, and Blue LED targets to distribute around the room and demonstrate that the robot can home on the voice-commanded target color. Presently I have to manually switch the color in ARCs Camera Control. I...

Vb Scripting

Im trying to learn how to use the Visual Basic script control in EZ- Builder and Im having trouble with the SDK commands. For example, consider the following command form: EZ_B.Servo.SetServoPosition(EZ_B.Servo.ServoPortEnum, System.Int32) If I write just this single line of code after the four imports I get this error message: Declaration expected...
Camera Tracking And Robot Following Question

Camera Tracking And Robot Following Question

I am in ARC and using only the Camera and Modified Servo Movement Panel controls. The camera/horizontal_servo does a fine job of...

Error Message When Selecting Speech Recognition Control

Im trying out EZ-Build speech recognition before ordering the EZ-Robot Complete Kit. When I select the Speech Recognition Control it comes up saying either my mike isnt working or my operating system isnt supported. Im using Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit with Service Pack 1. I am doing successful speech recognition in the Windows mode. (I can...

Usb Dongle

I am planning to buy the $235 kit. I will put the video camera on my robot and receive video at the PC using the provided dongle receiver in a USB port.. Question: Does this dongle also serve to transmit commands to the Bluetooth-equipped EZ-B control board on my robot? Or do I need a separate Bluetooth dongle in another USB port? (My laptop doesnt...

Visual Basic Speech

As a first robot project I plan to make a voice-controlled robot that goes to a given colored ball (among many) on command. I like the idea of the multi-function EZ-B single-board controller and the off-board intelligence provided by a Bluetooth-linked PC. That certainly makes voice recognition a lot less expensive! However, Im having trouble with...
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