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Usb-Ttl Serial Cable Connection Question

I bought a Roving Networks USB-5V Serial UART cable (RN-SRL-FTD5V-CLR) from Mouser Electronics, and added a header to it for TX, RX, Gnd connection to EZ-B. And yes, I am connecting Cable Tx to EZ-B Rx and Cable Rx to EZ-B Tx. The connection to my desktop PC was plug & play. The device manager shows the Cable in Com 8 with 9600 baud rate, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, and no flow control. I see the Cable LEDs flashing to show two-way communication when I click on ARC CONNECT.

But I am not getting connection. Instead I get the "Version 8.5 firmware message" that tells me to upgrade to Version 16, which I already have. I see other reports of this message in this forum but little help.

Would appreciate some help.


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TRY a different baud rate.

Another idea might work use the firmware update tool ,it will tell you if your cable is working.

SECOND THE FIRMWARE is different from the ARC version,firmware is the chip version.
Are you sure that you don't need a driver?
I too just connected a usb to uart and it would not work until going to the sellers website and downloading a driver.
Just a thought.
Most usb-ttl are plug and play and dont need a driver because windows has it built in,but if it shows up as COM8 it meens its working and doesnt need a driver.
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Reading through this and your other posts in the other topic, where DJ has advised you of what next to do it seems you have had connection issues with three different methods.

Logical thinking would assume that it is not the Bluetooth/USB TTL which is at fault, or the firmware but more likely a connection on the underside of the board or the connection between the TTL adapter and the EZ-B

If the adapter is installed correctly, Windows installed the correct driver and has installed a working com port then the connection is not going to be the problem. Ruling that out leaves only a problem with the EZ-B.

A high resolution photo of the underside of the EZ-B is required so that it can be checked for missed solder joints or shorts.
Another idea might help is does your EZB work ok with the bluetooth module.,

Before i make any changes to the EZB i always check it with a bluetooth that came with it,and if it doesnt work you can send it back to the company.
Yes get bluetooth module working first,
Thanks for the responses. They show me that I need to refer you to my post in
Bug Reports -> Bluetooth Connection Error Firmware V16, where I first explained my Bluetooth connection problems. Note that Rich above has evidently seen it. DJ has just responded there so you'll want to see his feedback.

Rich: I have about arrived at your conclusion also. See my reply to DJ.
Thats some good news,it meens your bluetooth is working and you mostly have a bad board.
Second i see that the usb-ttl adapter is working ,so i dont think thats problem.

Hope soon DJ has a solution to your problem.