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Ez-B Reporting Wrong Firmware

I am using the V3 board with latest firmware and also using the latest ARC software. Windows shows "EZ-Robot" on COM5 and that is the port I selected from the connection list in EZ-B. Windows also shows my "Generic Bluetooth Radio".

When EZ-B fires up, the first screen says I have Firmware V16.6 and software version 2014.5.29.00, and then the second screen says I indeed have the latest version of EZ-B software. But when I try to connect, a window pops up saying that EZ-B reports V16.5 and I need to update to V16.6. Do I need to reload the firmware? I always hate to do it because of the warning that something may go wrong.

Something else is strange. If I select from the connection list EZ-B reports V13!


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Have you updated your ezb3 to 16.6? ... Sounds like your ezb3 still has firmware 16.5... In the same folder as the ARC exe file is the ezb firmware update app... run it, connect to your ezb3 and update it to 16.6... Make sure your ezb has good batteries and a solid BT connection and you should be good...



If I select from the connection list EZ-B reports V13!

If you are using a V3 and have not modified it with a WiFi board instead of a Bluetooth board, than when you connect to you are connecting to your WiFi router, not an EZ-B. Who knows what it responds as to make ARC think there is an EZ-B there, but it doesn't matter since you can't connect to a V3 by IP address.

For the firmware issue of the actual EZ-B, I agree with Richard R, it sounds like you didn't actually update.


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To echo what has already been said, you need to update the firmware to 16.6

The "first screen" you mention I assume is the intro video on opening ARC, this will always say V16.6, this doesn't check your EZ-B for it's firmware version it states the latest version available.

So yes, update the firmware of the EZ-B to 16.6. It is currently running 16.5 and is currently reporting correctly.

Also, ignore what it tells you the firmware version of your router, any printers or any other wifi devices are. Unless the IP address is that of an EZ-B any reports of firmware will be pointless.


Also since it is an EZB(3) you will want to select a COMM port not an IP address.


Thanks to all for your replies. I'm topping off my rechargeable batteries now before updating the firmware.

Rich, Thanks to you especially for letting me know that the V16.6 info on the first screen is simply stating the latest available version. I, at least, found this misleading. Dick

Followup note: The update resolved my problem.


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If you think about it logically, the EZ-B isn't connected to ARC when you open ARC so it has no way of knowing the firmware version on startup.

The firmware version is reported in the debug on connect. It's also reported in the firmware update tool. If these say it is anything lower than v16.6 download the latest ARC, update the firmware and you should be good to go. The update should only take around 3 minutes to do.


My post #6 noted the resolution of my question and thanked Rich for his help. I have now belatedly marked the thread "Resolved" and cited Rich for his help.