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Visual Basic Speech

As a first robot project I plan to make a voice-controlled robot that goes to a given colored ball (among many) on command. I like the idea of the multi-function EZ-B single-board controller and the off-board intelligence provided by a Bluetooth-linked PC. That certainly makes voice recognition a lot less expensive!

However, I'm having trouble with Visual Basic (VB) Express 2010 (and 2008) working with the Vista speech function.

For simplicity, I started out trying to do simple text-to-speech synthesis; i.e. clicking on a screen button sends "Hello World" to Vista's speech function.

I located several code listings and entered them in VB. But when I try to run them in F5-Debug I get an error message saying the called speech function is not "registered." For example see http://forum.codecall.net/visual-basic-programming/28364-text-speech-vb6-visual-basic-net.html,
and click on "VB Text to Speech *really Simple*". Note that it "really works." But not for me!
Also try the method in this article, after making an on-screen button, and see what happens: http://channel9.msdn.com/coding4fun/articles/Giving-Computers-a-Voice.

I also down-loaded and unzipped several different project files. But when I try to call them up in VB, in each case I get an error message saying the project file is not present or has been moved, even though I can see that it is in the unzipped location. An easy example is the article at http://channel9.msdn.com/coding4fun/articles/Giving-Computers-a-Voice; do the VB Download.
Also try this speech recognition one: VB2008SpeechRecoDemo.zip.

I've got a decent background in programming but am just now learning VB.
I'm stuck and am asking for help on the above two problems.


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hHey there.. Download the EZ-SDK (select it from the top menu)

The EZ-SDK has built in recognition and synthesis. So you can use both without having to read any further tutorials.:)

Simply create a list of phrases you would like to recognize. Then, assign a method to the event. Everytime a phrase is detected, the event will be called and it will execute your code. The event passes a parameter of the accuracy of the detection, as well as the phrase. You can now determine what phrase was recognized. Tada!
Thanks for the help. I made the mistake of thinking that EZ-SDK only worked with the
EZ-B board.

My problem now is that I don't know how to program the DLL into Visual Basic (VB).

I down-loaded and unzipped EZ-SDK, clicked on the "VB" folder, clicked on the servo Move tutorial folder, and saw the project files, including the .vbproj file. So I thought that would show me what I needed to know.

However, when I clicked on New Project in VB and went to the Tutorial folder it said
"no items match your search."

Then I tried clicking on the .vbproj file. Now it VB said "project location is not trusted", and it showed that it was looking in another location (my AppDataLocalTemp area).

So I'm back at the same square one problems I've been fighting.

Any idea what's going on?
Would you post a copy of the servo Move coding so.I can see how to handle the DLL?