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If Statement With And

If I define $Day and $Hour in your example:

$Day = 2
$Hour = 3
If ($Day = 2 AND $Hour = 3)

I get an error message: Invalid token in expression [AND]

Am I doing something wrong?


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That's funny, just yesterday i noticed that capitalized AND didn't work so i fixed it for the next release. In the meantime until the next release, use lower case "and". I was missing a flag on the regex parse:)


$Day = 2
$Hour = 3

If ($Day = 2 and $Hour = 3)
Thanks DJ.

I should kick myself for not trying small "and". (I was actually using "And" first and then tried your example.)
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The same happens for OR as I found yesterday but thought it was me until I found this topic:)

Error on line 23: Invalid token in expression: [OR]