How To Make An EZ-Builder Plugin


So, you have a fantastic idea for a new control in EZ-Builder? This is the tutorial which explains step by step how to create a plugin for EZ-Builder. This tutorial will help you create a simple plugin with two buttons which move a servo to get you started.


This tutorial uses the following controls:


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In this tutorial, we will cover the following steps...

1) Download and install the latest EZ-Builder
2) Download and install Visual Studio
3) Create a plugin instance on
4) Create a new .Net 4.6.1 Class project
5) Remove the default Class.cs file which is auto created
6) Add references to EZ-Builder.exe and EZ_B.dll to your project
7) Specify the references do not copy files
8) Add a new Windows Form to the project
9) Modify the Windows Form class to inherit EZ-Builder’s Plugin template
10) Add EZ-Builder’s plugin override methods
11) Download the Plugin.xml template from your plugin instance from and paste into your project. Set the Plugin.xml to when compiling
12) Edit the Plugin.xml to ensure it has the friendly name, description, dll filename, version and GUID of your plugin
13) Specify the compiled output folder of your project to the EZ-Builder plugin folder and the name of the GUID
14) Make your plugin do amazing stuff and share with the community!

EZ-Builder uses layers of managers, each responsible for the overall user experience. Throughout this tutorial, managers will be referenced. This diagram demonstrates the manager hierarchy.
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