Published on March 23 2012

Next Hack - Robot B9

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Now that I have finished B.O.B., my get your feet wet bot, I have begun my next hack. This next robot will bridge the gap between Bob and my ultimate big robot. I am starting with a remote controlled B9 toy from Trendmasters. It was very limited in what it did, and the drive section was pathetic, but it was B9!

Before Pics:
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Note: the front "lights" in the chest plate is actually just a decal.

Here is what B9 looks like now:

User-inserted image

I have mounted clear LEDs in the appropriate colors in the chest at the bottom of the decal and have a flashing circuit that will blink them in the combination as seen on the series. Where the two large round circles are (white domes on the big guy) I will have my ping sensor. I have mounted pager motors in the antenna housings to turn the "sensors" as seen in the TV version. I have mounted red El Wire to his voice plate to emulate the original as well. I have also mounted a series of blinking LEDs to the "brain" section in the bubble.

Next is to work on the rotation of the bubble and torso, articulate the arms and claws, and make a real functioning tread section. For the tread section I am adapting the base from my RAD robot. I will keep you posted with pics as I proceed.


July 5 2013
Doh! I hate it when I do stuff like that Moviemaker! Don't feel too bad. I've found that "once in a lifetime" deals usually come around again sooner or later unless your lifetime is very short.
August 27 2013
GREAT job! Where did you get the mini servos ?
August 28 2013
I would like to say Thanks for pictures and videos. Plus all your time explaining how and why you did this and that.
I read it from start to finish, all 551 posts. All I can say is five stars out of five stars.


August 28 2013
Thanks Guys! I got the mini servos on ebay. The claws I just cut out of some ABS plastic. I can try to re-draw the design for you.
August 28 2013
I will 3d print my claws once I make the 3d claws and a STL file.
I need some red ABS plastic now.