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Old School Wireless Camera

I have one of the original EZ Robot kits that came with a wireless camera. Mine stopped functioning and thus I am in need of a replacement. I really dont want to have to reengineer our existing robot to upgrade the camera. Can anyone suggest a resource to replace the existing one? Thanks

ARC Audio

Its been a while since Ive had time to experiment with EZ Robot. I have version 3. My son wants to build an animated Halloween skeleton. He wants it to play some audio along with the animation. I thought there was a discussion where you can have the ARC play the audio through your computer after some event occurs (like motion detection). Can...

Lego Mindstorms Motors

I have a few of the original Lego Mindstorms Kits RIS 1.0. These kits came with a few electric motors. Has anyone connected these motors to the EZ-B and if so, how? Thanks

Ez-B Versus Arduino

This maybe a taboo subject but Im trying to make a case for purchasing EZ-B instead of the Arduino for a small scale childrens introduction to robotics. I suggested the EZ-B but have been met with resistance from others who have used the Arduino. Has anyone ever had a similar situation? If so, what selling points did you use to reinforce your...

Out Of Stock

Any idea when the The EZ-Robot Complete Kit will be back in stock?

Spidey Bot

Im considering a scratch-built spider like (spidey bot) robot for my next project. I once owned an OWI Spider Kit that used only 2 motors to operate its 6 legs. I think my wife throw it out after we got married. Anyway, I think it would be somewhat simple to mill out the pieces for such a robot using basic woodworking tools with some 1/4 thick...

Calgary Floods

I hope everyone at EZ-Robot stayed safe and dry during the Calgary floods!

Forum Upgrade

Ive been following a lot of discussions on several of the EZ-Robot forum and realized that something was missing. There are times that I really dont wish to comment but would like to give a thumbs up to one of the previous comments. That is, a thumbs up that does not require FB. Is there any chance someone could add thumbs up functionality to the...
Scratch Built Wall-E

Scratch Built Wall-E

Has anyone seen this scratch built Wall-E on Instructables? Someone should suggest the EZ-B to this guy.

A Challenge - Ezb To Resurrect The Red Rover, Red Rover Project

The Red Rover, Red Rover project was created in 1996 by The Planetary Society and the LEGO Company (yes that LEGO company) to empower children to explore space and learn about computers, robotics and so on. The Red Rover, Red Rover kits enabled students to design and build their own Mars Rovers, guide them from a computer across a simulated Mars...

Ebay Wall-E Prices

So, is DJs hack of Wall-E the reason that the U Command Wall-Es have skyrocketed in price on e-bay recently? Are we, DJ wantabes, just bidding against each other? ;) But seriously, I think the prices have gone so high lately that scratch building Wall-Es body is within reason. My only concern is how to build his tracks. Does anyone have any good...

Animated Diorama

Has anyone considered using the EZ-B controller as a means of animating a diorama? Consider all the elaborate animation in those model railroad displays such as the one at the Carnegie Science Centers Miniature Railroad. I believe that the EZ-B controller could bring that level of animation to the amateur railroad enthusiast. If only I had the time...

Environment Mapping

I recently read that one or more of DJs robots was capable of environment mapping. Can someone elaborate on how this is accomplished and if ARC has this functionality built in. Thanks
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