Published on February 22 2014

My R2 D2 Video

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As promised here is a video of my "work in progress" R2 project... I am not much of a film maker so be kind... Hope you enjoy...

June 5 2014
Lol... thanks guys... currently my 2 V4 boards are being used in other projects... However, I have more V4s on order with you guys so he will eventually be updated when I get my other orders shipped...
June 5 2014
Awesome! Be careful about that wheel-y-ing going on there. I was going to do this but I decided $200 for the r2 was too much.
June 5 2014
Yep, needs more weight forward....
July 5 2014
Nice job so far Richard. He is really cool. I did laugh out loud when he started to dance and his shriek at the mention of Darth Vadors name:P. Great stuff and look forward to the improvements and V4 upgrade you have planned.

July 5 2014
Thanks Steve.... That was my first robot build using EZB.... I was pretty green then.... I am currently working on a pretty much scratch built Wall-e using the EZB4.... Hopefully it will be way better than my R2...