Ez-robot Takes The Secret Challenge Competition

DJ Sures


EZ-Robot is sponsoring a team of awesome children to build a robot to compete in the Western Canadian Robot Games! We selected the hardest challege - The Off-Roadbot Challenge!! We selected a fantastic platform and had some amazing ideas during brainstorming sessions.

April 15th a) Introduced the awesome robot platform. 2 powered wheels, heavy duty motors... It'll be a great powerful robot!

b) Stripped off the unwanted parts. Practically took the entire robot apart and rebuilt. It's looking good!

c) We took apart the electronic motor controller and attempted to use it. However, the pins must not be fully documented, so we may have accidently damaged it. Not to worry, I have a 50 amp motor controller that we can use instead.

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User-inserted image

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April 22nd a) We need a team name. We should combine a few suggestions and vote on a team name on our meeting.

b) We will add the Motor Controller, EZ-B Robot Brain and Battery. I feel the robot will be driving after lunch!

c) Determine the position of sensors and camera.

d) Take the robot on a trip to the competition event location and test it on the terrain.

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DJ, What a absolutely wonderful thing you are doing taking robitics to young people. It serves to show how big your heart is and giving of yourself and your time. Very cool! I will be following this project with great interest!


That's so cool DJ. Keep us informed! I love to see kids getting into robotics.