Published on August 16 2018

My Head Designed For Jd

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Hi Community,

I would like to show you the current status of my project. I work on a head for JD.

The last change was to enable the installation of an ultrasound sensor and to create space for a gyroscope in the head.

You can find the project here:

User-inserted image

Also I try to create a more humane walk with the hips.

User-inserted image
August 17 2018
I have never thought of using velcro...what a brilliant idea!
( I am a big fan of zip ties though...:) )

This looks like a very good JD adds a lot of functionality.
Looks kind of scary with the lights out! :D
December 20 2018
I like this a lot!
DJ Sures
December 20 2018 — Updated December 20 2018
Ooooh JD’s hip swagger!:)  Sporting those new fancy hip joints
December 20 2018
User-inserted image

is there a reason to place the hipbrackets this way?
December 20 2018
lauran, I love the design, or more so that a slight change makes a huge perceived personality difference of the bot.
 JD looks a little nerdy, yours looks like a Mutant that has lights about to come from his forehead. That big head obviously means he has a mega brain behind it. The velcro uniform clearly indicates some sort of organization (hopefully not here to destroy humans)

If he starts causing trouble or builds a lair let his batteries go low. Ship him back.