My Head Designed For Jd


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Hi Community,

I would like to show you the current status of my project. I work on a head for JD.

The last change was to enable the installation of an ultrasound sensor and to create space for a gyroscope in the head.

You can find the project here:

User-inserted image

Also I try to create a more humane walk with the hips.

User-inserted image

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Very cool! I like what you did with this. Thank you for sharing.
I also like your use of velcro straps to keep the wiring in control. Nice looking build.

I really like the velcro! Hope to see the more human walk using hips. The hips is something i'd really like to see in a future revision of the JD humanoid body. Perhaps with the work you are doing for the walking hip gait, that you'd be willing to share your progress with us on here?
I have never thought of using velcro...what a brilliant idea!
( I am a big fan of zip ties though...:) )

This looks like a very good JD adds a lot of functionality.
Looks kind of scary with the lights out! :D
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Ooooh JD’s hip swagger!:)  Sporting those new fancy hip joints
User-inserted image

is there a reason to place the hipbrackets this way?
lauran, I love the design, or more so that a slight change makes a huge perceived personality difference of the bot.
 JD looks a little nerdy, yours looks like a Mutant that has lights about to come from his forehead. That big head obviously means he has a mega brain behind it. The velcro uniform clearly indicates some sort of organization (hopefully not here to destroy humans)

If he starts causing trouble or builds a lair let his batteries go low. Ship him back.