ARC - a short video - My tank base robot - DC brushed or brushless motors and L298N Dual H-Bridge with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control robot


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I just used with ARC , an IO tiny, Ez-robot battery, the H-Bridge PWM control with a tank chassis works well, forward, backward, left, right

This jus a short video

here are the instructions:

Here are my settings:

4 Wiring
Connect L298 VCC to either your battery supply positive (red) or EZ-B power (red) on pin D0
2) Connect L298 GND to either your battery supply negative(black)or EZ-B power (gnd) on pin D0
3) Connect L298 IN1 to EZ-B Signal Pin D0 (white)
4) Connect L298 IN2 to EZ-B Signal Pin D1 (white)
5) Connect L298 IN3 to EZ-B Signal Pin D2 (white)
6) Connect L298 IN4 to EZ-B Signal Pin D3 (white)
7) Connect L298 ENA to EZ-B Signal Pin D4 (white)
7) Connect L298 ENB to EZ-B Signal Pin D5 (white)
9) Connect L298 OUT1 to Motor 1
10) Connect L298 OUT2 to Motor 2

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Great project. You should design a body cover like a Milton Bradley Big Track. I think I would look really cool. Anyway thanks for sharing and keep having fun doing robot projects.
rb550f  thanks for your comments,

This was just a test, I can use my settings with any robot car kit  now.

ARC makes everything "easy", lol

I did view the Milton Bradley Big Track, very nice.

Where have you been, I have not seen you before?

I checked some of your robots, very nice, come back with some more :-)
Hello ,

Nice project. 

Have you wired any collision detection on it yet?
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not yet, was looking into it

Nice talk we have today, talk later, off to the farm - country
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