Published on November 21 2017

Jd Spock

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The first video of my JD Spock testing his 3d printed phaser.

JD Spock's 3D printed Star Trek Original Series phaser, sized for JD: EZ_OST_phaser.stl

I tried to color match to screen shots from the Original series. The retail toy versions are much brighter colors.
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JD Spock's paper head piece with hair, eyebrows, and Vulcan ears and Star Trek badge, I used card stock to print it on and double sided tape to attach the pieces. This is my template: SpockJD.pdf
May 27 2018
Did some cutting on Spock's right hand so he can hold smaller things and larger things without foam in his claw. (His left claw hand has the foam inserts.)

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May 27 2018
thats a great idea.
November 14 2018
Your Spock is very cool.
I need to make a JD Spock now! :D
November 16 2018
Thank you @mcsdaver, I think he would fit right in with your collection. I'm planning to do a custom C3PO from the 31" BigFig toy like you are.
November 16 2018
I have a few 3d printable Star Trek items I posted to Thingiverse.
Kirk's chair and the Helm/Navigation console.
I also have Spock's chair, printing one for JD Spock might take some time. lol
I need to do some more programming on my C3PO and post some videos.

Kirk's Chair link
I might make a chair scaled to JD Spock.