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The first video of my JD Spock testing his 3d printed phaser.

JD Spock's 3D printed Star Trek Original Series phaser, sized for JD: EZ_OST_phaser.stl

I tried to color match to screen shots from the Original series. The retail toy versions are much brighter colors.
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JD Spock's paper head piece with hair, eyebrows, and Vulcan ears and Star Trek badge, I used card stock to print it on and double sided tape to attach the pieces. This is my template: SpockJD.pdf

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Your Spock is very cool.
I need to make a JD Spock now! :D
Thank you @mcsdaver, I think he would fit right in with your collection. I'm planning to do a custom C3PO from the 31" BigFig toy like you are.
I have a few 3d printable Star Trek items I posted to Thingiverse.
Kirk's chair and the Helm/Navigation console.
I also have Spock's chair, printing one for JD Spock might take some time. lol
I need to do some more programming on my C3PO and post some videos.

Kirk's Chair link
I might make a chair scaled to JD Spock.
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From DJ's first live stream and the Batman "build a bear" costume for JD I had to be a copy cat and get JD Spock his own "Build A Bear" Star Trek appropriate clothing. 

BTW, Thank you DJ for that hack because I suspected those clothes would fit, but didn't want to waste the money on a hunch. I love the love streams guys!
thats an awesome nice suit your jd is having.