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The first video of my JD Spock testing his 3d printed phaser.

JD Spock's 3D printed Star Trek Original Series phaser, sized for JD: EZ_OST_phaser.stl

I tried to color match to screen shots from the Original series. The retail toy versions are much brighter colors.
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JD Spock's paper head piece with hair, eyebrows, and Vulcan ears and Star Trek badge, I used card stock to print it on and double sided tape to attach the pieces. This is my template: SpockJD.pdf

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Thanks for the insightful video Justin! I definitely have to agree with your brain building rules, thanks for laying them out very clearly.

I believe I am going down the same road. I am creating text files each one is a different type memory such as BlankCanBlank or BlankIsInBlank. Each line is a Memory for example the BlankCanBlank.txt file might look like this:
The BlankIsInBlank would look like:

When the robot is online, he checks his memory first and if nothing is found sends what the human said to BotLibre and then writes to the correct file both question and response.

I have also just found an API that will give back questions and answers multiple choice and true/false. and it is free to use. IT is a trivia database api.

I have created a script to parse the JSON return and my robot now can do quiz me on trivia.
My bigger picture is to have him when idle to go get questions send them to BotLibre, then send the correct answer as well as store in local memory. This way he can learn on his own.

I guess I should do a writeup on the entire project instead of hijacking your thread.

Thank you @Jeremie, you inspired me to share more since you posted about your YouTube channel. We need to see more Voltron!

@rz90208, that is awesome! Right there is what I'm talking about...I, or we in the community, would have never known you were working on something like that!

We're good at sharing our robot's aesthetic design or snippets of interactive things we do with our robots, but something keeps us from sharing the more advanced or intricate interworking's of the brains we are building in ARC. For me it's usually been the thoughts, "no one will want to see this or no one will understand it or it makes sense to me but I'm not going to be good at explaining it".

I think there are more brain builders out there experimenting or looking for inspiration.
I have not, this looks cool, I think I need to check this out.
I also just noticed you have an local AIML plugin out.
Does this AIML plugin support AIML 2?

The only problem with all these new and wonderful plugins and updates is I keep starting over. Not that I am complaining, I love it ! keep it coming
@DJ, I don't have much experience with Synbot either. I love what you did with the AIML plugin DJ, thank you! I was wondering, in a future version of it would you consider adding the speech recognition to the AIML plugin the way you did for the older Pandorbot control so the AIML plugin can use the native Windows speech recognition to converse as well as optionally use BING?
The native speech recognition never works correctly. Why would you want it?:)
@DJ, I'd want it for offline use. But I'm also interested in being able to capture things the speech recognition "thinks" it hears" but are not in the speech control phase list. Maybe a better idea is a plugin just for the native windows Speech Recognition that functions like the BING plugin then I or anyone else that uses the plugin could use it how and where they like? What do you think DJ?
Brain Building part 2, The Structure, and the importance of the structure and organization that you give your brain as you continue to build upon it in ARC.


Use the tools you have before looking for new tools!

Just started to watch the series, thank you so much for the effort and for sharing this within the community...how could I have missed out on this!;)
I just watched the last part of your series...its been a pleasure, its set up so well speed wise and you made such a good job organizing the information for us!
This will help a lot in keeping my projects clean and tight, plus it is such a cool thing to actually hear someone talking about scripting approaches...

Thanks @JustinRatliff please keep it up!:)
Did some cutting on Spock's right hand so he can hold smaller things and larger things without foam in his claw. (His left claw hand has the foam inserts.)

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Your Spock is very cool.
I need to make a JD Spock now! :D
Thank you @mcsdaver, I think he would fit right in with your collection. I'm planning to do a custom C3PO from the 31" BigFig toy like you are.
I have a few 3d printable Star Trek items I posted to Thingiverse.
Kirk's chair and the Helm/Navigation console.
I also have Spock's chair, printing one for JD Spock might take some time. lol
I need to do some more programming on my C3PO and post some videos.

Kirk's Chair link
I might make a chair scaled to JD Spock.
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From DJ's first live stream and the Batman "build a bear" costume for JD I had to be a copy cat and get JD Spock his own "Build A Bear" Star Trek appropriate clothing. 

BTW, Thank you DJ for that hack because I suspected those clothes would fit, but didn't want to waste the money on a hunch. I love the love streams guys!
thats an awesome nice suit your jd is having.