Published on November 22 2012

First Real Look At My Ez-b Controlled Full Size Lis B9 Robot

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Hi all,

I'd like to share a video I just took of my full size Lost in Space B9 robot that's controlled by two EZ-B controller boards. Right now they are controlling limited movement and voice response of a few motors, lights and sound files played from a Sparkfun MP3 Trigger board. Although I'm just starting with the animation and have more building on the actual robot the result (mostly thanks to the EZ Robot controller board) is shocking. Please have a look at this (4 minute) You Tube vid and enjoy.

Please excuse some Technical camera lighting and sound issues. This is the first time I'd made and posted a vid online.

EDIT 8/2/13: Just realized I have no good pictures of how my B9 will look when complete. Here's one of the actual TV robots from the 60's TZ show Lost in Space and one recent shot of where I'm at with my build over 1 1/2 year after I started. Enjoy:

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Dave Schulpius

November 28 2018
where comes the name B9 come from?
November 28 2018
Well, that's a good question and one I have always wondered.

The way this robot has been identified on the 60's show is:

Class M-3 Model B-9 General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Control Robot, known simply as the Robot.

I'm sure the guys writing the script needed some way to reference him in the show and they came up with that long line. When the show first started it had a real serious and military leaning theme. I'm sure the robot being a military machine and nothing more then a tool to serve and protect the Robinson family he wouldn't have a personable name. That's that way it was back in the 60's on TV. Lots of serious stuff.
November 28 2018
i just looked ad some pics.the long name is the version you have.
November 28 2018
I always assumed B9 was a fun way of saying that "Robot" is a benign machine, meaning he's not an evil robot.
November 29 2018
Could be. We may never really know. ;)