Max The robot based off of inmoov



User-inserted image User-inserted image User-inserted image User-inserted image The robot max is based off of inmoov and I 3d printed everything on him.  This is my first 3d printed robot.  Also the ear was the first part i ever modified in freecad.

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That's pretty good for being your firsts 3d printed robot! What 3d printer do you use?


My Inmoov Says very nice and I agree.  I like the one piece skull cap you made.  I would like to show you this youtube video called take my job away,it is very funny and they had to make quite a few inmoov robots to make this.  have a look.  I like the Glossy White look and an infinity mirror for the waste medallion.  we can get some ideas, from this.


Lol! That video is hilarious and very well done! Thanks for sharing @Nallycat

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@Jeremie  Thanks Jer, I hope other Synthiam members see it, I can't believe the amount of work they did, maybe some inmoov's are just shells but still it would be a massive task.  my inmoov Brucee wants to start a band. I told him if makes money at this I get a share. Brucee may be getting a glossy finish. when I get back. I think he will be getting a skull cap like Audiboy's inmoov/


@DJ Sures I am using the Creality Cr10s Pro.


@Nallycat good job I like how smooth the inmooov is.

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User-inserted image                                                                                                  @Autiboy I am not sure wht the White paint they use is but it is very shiny and very white maybe automobile paint with a clearcoat. sprayed on. I once saw 3D printed objects finished to a smooth gloss surface. They used dry wall compound. which is actually acrylic based. put on in layers and sanded between layers. it is easy to sand. you keep adding layers until it is very smooth. final layers wet sanded. with wet and dry 400 grit sandpaper. spray 2 coats of automobile primer sanded between coats and then 2 color coats of white automotive paint then a coat of 2 part clearcoat sprayed. lots of work but worth the effort.   The picture is my Inmoov Bruce-e  you know like Wall-e.  sorry about the picture being sideways you put the picture in correct and synthiam always turns the pictures.


@Nallycat I love it what kind of printer are you using?  What kind of flament?  Are you using ez-b's and if you are how man and what kind?  I love the Inmoov Bruce-e.  Good job.

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@autobot  Bruce e says hi .  I made 2 inmoov Robots that see first one used PLA and  PET G.  That robot had a fall all the PLA shattered the PET G filament was not damaged at all. BRUCE E  number 2 was only printed with PET G.  Which is easier to print than ABS but stronger. I PRINTED BOTH Robots on a flsun kossel large format delta printer. I am on a cruise in the Caribbean  so my entries into synthiam may not continue until I get back the controllers used are a ez_B in the body and 2 IO Tinies in each arm this was done to reduce wires . BYE for now.


@nallycat OMG I checked the link, this is sooooo funny!! How did you find this? And the lyrics are German!!! :D


@mickey666maus  I am a member for the Facebook inmoov makers site and someone posted that video. Yes it is very funny,  the time it takes to make one inmoov is impressive but printing   several unbelieveable.    And they were well done several with legs .I thought the video sounded German.


That robot looks great! I also built an inmoov, but I never finished it.