Published on May 20 2016

Ezb V4 Custom Firmware V2

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Hello everyone,

I would like to share the new custom firmware available for EZB 4.

Currently i'm beta testing the firmware fixing and polishing the code.

I'm still open for ideas, please comment.

1) Initial screen:

User-inserted image

2) Access point configuration:

User-inserted image

3) Client/Station mode configuration:

User-inserted image

4) HOST/EZB configuration:

User-inserted image

5) Ports Configuration:
User-inserted image

6) Tools

Working in progress

I will describe in another post the new features.
July 13 2016
Hi ptp,

Loaded the firmware onto one of my V4's today.

So far everything is looking good. Great work on this!

I'll let you know if I run into any glitches.

July 13 2016
Absolutely fantabulous work @ptp. I wish I had a programmer to load this firmware!

You pretty much hit the nail on the head for my initial ideas about what I felt could be improved in the web interface. Authentication being a big one!

Good job and keep it up!
July 13 2016
Programmer is $14 clone off E-Bay... Well worth the investment to do this upgrade.
July 13 2016
There is no ebay where I live, and international shipping to here is hit or miss unless you use DHL or similar.

(which is normally 3 times the price of the item) *eyeroll*
July 26 2016
@PTP, Awesome work on this new firmware. I am working on indoor navigation project, is it possible you could add a way to view wifi access points and there signal strength?
Also have this info available in EZ-Builder
My hope is to use 3 APs signal strengths to triangulate my position.