Sunshine Is Back In Town



Well after many months of waiting and being sick, SUNSHINE is back in town!

She stands four and a half feet, with her arms up, six and a half feet.

I would like to thank all of the people who have been patient with me. I will probably ask a lot of software questions because my memory is not what it used to be.

I would like to thank Rich, Rich R, Troy and all the others who made me decide not to quit.

Here is version 1 , Sunshine:

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She's a beauty! You say version 1. Do you plan to rebuild?


I am SO GLAD Sunshine is back! Looking very good, and ... I love big bots, I cannot lie.... You have inspired me. With so much personal stuff going on and family tragedies I sold off my bots and a lot of my stuff and had given up. But now I am re-energized. I will also be posting my new project soon. I love your bot!


Mel, I am happy to see you active with robotics again. Sunshine is shaping up and looking good. I can tell you have put much work onto Sunshine. Steve S


Thank You all!

What I meant by Version1 is that you NEVER actually get through with a robot because you are always adding on extra features as they become available.


@MovieMaker- I think it was Da Vinci who said, "No work of art is ever completed, only abandoned." Getting into robotics really puts that into perspective.;)

Sunshine is awesome. It and Dave's B9 really got my attention when I first came the this site a little over a year ago. I don't have the fortitude right now to try a big build but I do love seeing them. They truly show off what the EZB can do.

I'm glad you kept Sunshine alive. One small question, are those blue brackets I'm seeing 3d printed?

Thanks again for giving us Sunshine, Mel. It's definitely a source of inspiration to others.

United Kingdom

@Antron yes it was Da Vinci who said "Art is never finished, only abandoned"

Mel, Sunshine is looking good.


Mel, Sunshine is really cool! It is always amazing to sit back and think about how much work goes into something like this. Looking forward to seeing some videos of Sunshine in action......


Mel that's great ! , I didn't know you were going to spring up with so much progress. I can see you have been refining your 3d printing and design. Most all of those arms look custom printed. Excellent work. ::applause:: I totally agree with rich... and DaVinci. Projects are never finished , you just move in to a new one.


@josh, I was waiting for the promised parts from Anthony, but he never delivered. And, I did not have very much success with my printing and altering. So I decided to stop waiting and finish it no matter HOW it came out. You are right she could do with a bit of polishing. But, I am too old and weak to do all of that. After waiting almost a year for the parts, Now, I am waiting another wait for the V4. I am used to working on robots every single day. When there is a long stretch of waiting, it gets much harder because I forget what I have done already and what I have not, so I start all over from scratch again. I had two v3s but one burned up. So I will start off with two V4s and maybe graduate to 3 version 4s. I am not the Graphic Artist that Anthony is. He is phenomenal.

Josh, thanks for the reply.


Dude , Mel , I'm sorry man my phone auto corrected the words " have been" into "can need" and that sounded bad. I was trying to say you have gotten better at printing.:)


Nice work Mel! I have followed you on the QBO web site and here .... You saved me from many heartaches and I hope I can get started on my robot soon And be able to show off something as completed as yours ... G8 work please keep it coming....


Nice work Mel! She looks great. I know it feels good to make such profound progress. I'm looking forward to seeing what all she can do when you install the V4's.

I know how frustrating it is having to wait on someone or something else. Sometimes it unavoidable but when someone promises and doesn't delver, that absolutely drives me nuts. If the lack of delivery is a choice on the suppliers part then there is no excuse for that and it ends up being a moral issue. Those people usually fail because of selfishness and wrong priorities. Anyway, When that happens to me I always either go somewhere else that can help or do it myself. It's usually the latter and I usually feel better about myself because of it.

Also, I'm right there with you on the forgetting issue. If I'm away from a complicated project I always have a hard time remembering where I was and what I did. Schematics and ongoing notes seem to help. ;)


God Bless you guys. You all have lifted my Spirit up today!




If you get a chance shoot me an email. Looking to discuss a couple items on your robot. Thanks

Thanks Chris


Mel, It,s great you moved on and started building again. Sometimes things are elusive because they are over promised. You are on the right track to strive on for your dreams! You are an encouragement to keep building. Great results with EZB3. We have so much to look forward to with EZB4. Sunshine will be awesome. I always enjoy your posts. Thanks for sharing. Steve S


Looks great! Hope to see some video when she is ready to show her moves.


That will be nice. Still waiting on the rest of her brains (EZB4). :-(

:-) I just got an email saying my order was shipped! yeh! :-)


Mel, Hope u r tinkering w sunshine! Missed your responses for a while? Steve S


Hey Steve, I have disassembled Sunshine because she just did not live up to my expectations. Sunshine (R.I.P.).

I may not be building any more. I am trying to purchase a Pepper robot. I would like to just operate them as I am not able to build much any more. My Passion is still there, though.


Mel doing a big robot is a huge undertaking for anyone. You should work with smaller robots that are more manageable. You spent a ton of time on some thing and didn't get your results. Why not get a JD kit or ROLI to experiment with? Or find a ultimate walle? I guess what I am saying is to go premade as much as possible and I think you will be much happier with your results and entertainment value as well.


Thanks Josh, I am planning on purchasing another Factory robot, The Pepper. I have a passion for robots and Singularity. I have a hard time accepting the robots and expect more from them than I should. I have been told that I should LOWER my expectations.

The problem that I was having with Sunshine was that when tested, everything worked fine. But, did not work all together as a whole. After investing SO much money in her, Her batteries went dead Costing Hundreds of more dollars. The plastic parts were not strong enough causing them to snap. I should have used metal. But, it was so much Bleeding (money) that I had to put a stop to it.

As an analogy, I realized that my building Sunshine was like me trying to build a spaceship to go to mars. I would do fine at building little rockets that go up in the air and blow up. But, I haven't got the resources, monies, or man power to get a spaceship built. I live in a small apartment with hardly any room. It is like building an full size airplane in your kitchen or dining room and after you get it built, there is no way to get it out of your house.

It is just a Fantasy that I have had since I was a kid.

At my age , it is time to grow up and separate Fiction from Reality.

All of my small robots have worked just fine. And the EZ-Robot products are Great. I would recommend them to anyone.



(although shipping costs would probably kill me) if you are interested in selling the remaining parts of Sunshine, particularly the Jazzy base, email me with a list of parts available and what you would like to get for them. Money is a little tight this time of year, but I might be interested in the spring time. Email address is in my profile.



Mel, Sorry to hear about Sunshine R.I.P. I understand your frustration. You have had many great projects and ideas. I would be very careful of purchasing an expensive robot that will cost even more to maintain. If you purchase an EZ Robot JD, you can still tinker, operate, and program routines. It would be hard to find a humanoid robot with all the capabilities of JD for the price. I broke down and ordered one because it had so much to offer. I plan to use it having the grandkids learning robotics and involved with routines. You can access existing JD routines and I am sure there will be many more great routines for JD on the cloud in the future. Down the road maybe the AIMEC ALTAIR robot will be available if you want another, and still use EZ Robot. Steve S


Good to hear from you Steve, and Thanks for your Support.

I will probably tinker with the million parts I have laying around.


Alan, the shipping has went up 2-3 times. The shipping would KILL you.