What Should I Do?



What should I Do?

q1. wait for replacement servo? have been waiting over a week so far...

q2. use bad servo as a place holder and try fine tune my jd?

see what he looks like:

User-inserted image

Any suggestions welcome...


confused stress confused stress

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I would go ahead with fine tuning. You can always adjust when you get the final servo replaced

If you have a local hobby shop, you could also source a servo locally in the meantime, and then you will have a spare.

Needs a heavy duty 7.5v servo. Should cost less than $15 or so at any hobby shop that sells RC plane and car parts. HiTec is a good brand.



Ah sorry j - shipping can be a pain in the butt!

he won't do pushups or anything, but you can still play with him!

  1. First make sure you follow the prerequisites on the JD page for calibrating the LEVER, HEAD and ANKLE servos.

  2. Following that, connect to JD and perform the FINE TUNE.

  3. Next, play with him:)


Thanks @dj sures and others.

I AM FIGHTING THE FLU... So will try tomorrow.

I charged him up! For fine tunning.



Hope you feel better soon jdebay!

We're still a bit backlogged from pre-orders and distributor order so having things shipped out is definitely taking longer than it will in the future. Thanks for you patience:)



Working on fine tunning and etc. But he took his first steps, yea! Eyes, work. camera, works. arms move.

Put bad servo on, not plugged into controller, for weight. So I can make him stand and walk forward.

So little by little getting him in shape so he can dance the wmca... lol


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Leave it like it is and rename him stumpy:)


See what happens when you let your robots outside to play.... eventually one starts playing around with the wood chipper....:P


@Rich like your idea.

@Richard R like what you said... lol

So I start my JD on his back then manual stand him to play.

JD is also my initials. And I start my day on my back too.

Then med's, yes I must take a pill each day to live.

My JD needs power to become active. Have learned that he needs a lot of power... lol

He does a funny wmca... with the bad arm (missing servo or servo in place that does not work). Found that he walks better with servo in place that does not work.


p.s. My JD is servo challenged... lol