Bb8 On The Cheap Project


United Kingdom
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This is my first "Real" EZ robotics project (other than just playing around with the system)
Aiming to recreate BB8 from the Star Wars the Force Awakens as cheap as possible due to having basically no money...

The project is very much in the early stages due to still being at school but progress is being made (kinda)

I am pretty new to this so sort of winging it so hopefully it goes well.
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United Kingdom
First Stage:

Mainly gathering materials, couldn't find a ball of reasonable size so I used a beach-ball of around 50cm in diameter.
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Paper mache was used initially on the ball to give it some rigidity and shape. A layer of canvas and PVA glue was used giving a final solid shape.
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Not the cleanest job but the latter stage should fix this. It may require multiple layers of PVA to give it some serious strength (which will be needed)
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United Kingdom
The dome was next, i found a 20cm diameter polystyrene hollow ball on Amazon which luckily came in 2 halves removing the need to cut it. The ball was very light making it ideal for the dome.
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Welcome to the EZRobot forum.
The Bb8 will be a great project, I like the creative ideas you shared.
Steve S;)